Woo Hoo. 50% of Camp Nanawrimo Target Met, and I know who killed Nick!

Only 10,000 more words to go, and I have the first draft of my 5th novel written. Starting to get excited.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 9.19.49 AM

As I was writing this morning, I was wondering if anyone else writes out of order.

Part of writing a mystery means having a murderer and catching that person. I never know who the murderer is until I’ve written most of the book. The fun part of the journey is having a host of suspects and then selecting the best one.

Today, I decided who killed Jaz’s husband, and it surprised me. Then I wrote the climax and the resolution. Now I have to back and connect the first 65,000 words to the last 5,000 words, and I have that draft.

Who else writes like this? Do you always know who committed the crime before you start writing?

As many of you know, we’re about to launch Feedback (an online tool to guide a writer through a rewrite.) I plan to use Feedback to perform a big-picture edit on Evolution, and I can hardly wait.

If you’re going to rewrite your first draft in August, join me on the adventure. We can cheer each other on!

Thanks for reading…



11 thoughts on “Woo Hoo. 50% of Camp Nanawrimo Target Met, and I know who killed Nick!

  1. Well done you! I’m struggling to find time to do mine. I just need four flipping chapters to finish my book off! How hard can it be??? If I can hit my target then all will be well for an August dredit (yes I hate editing) so could buddy up there for some motivation. August is also the time I could well be posting for hook ups in November too 🙂

    As for writing like that, I tend to pantser my way through so I never know what going on until the characters let something slip 🙂

    Did I say WELL DONE?

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    1. Hi Gary, I’ve been getting up at 6 to get my writing in. Yesterday I snuck in a little writing late afternoon.

      November should be exciting this year. I’m going to start the sequel to Evolution, and Nanowrimo is going to help me!

      The panster way of writing is just fun for me. Guess that’s why I write that way.

      Happy writing!

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      1. Haha, I have to get up close to that for school runs, but I’m determined to find a good slot to write in and get back into the zone I was in last November.

        I agree too re being a panster; I have tried other methods, but never quite clicked with them. always felt like something was missing so this must be my natural way of doing it.

        Seeing CampNaNo posts is really good positive support too. Thank you for sharing yours 🙂

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  2. I never know whodunit until about the 3/4 point…then I go back and add in my clues etc. But I don’t write out of order. I will, however, start outlining the last chapters. Good for you on the progress you have made! My writing has been very slow these days. Then again, it’s always slow!

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    1. Hi Judy, I didn’t know you discovered the “who done it” character until you’d written a big portion of your novel. You know i love your books, so this is motivating for me to hear.


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