Lobster Hunting, Provisioning, and Books

You all know I’m in the count down to the publication of  Look The Other Way and I can barely sit still. It’s like waiting for Christmas morning when I was seven. How am I supposed to get anything done?

Writing this story was a journey into my own life. Don’t get me wrong, the story is completely made up, and no one was murdered while I was sailing, but I did spend 5 years living on a sailboat.

In Look The Other Way, Shannon and Jake (read spicy love interest)  figure out how to provision a boat with food for six months, how to capture their own food when their stores were getting low, and how  to get along in small space.


I may be filling the freezer, and Farley is lying in wait in case I drop something, but Mathew caught the lobster. After years of trying, the best I could do is bury my spear in the sand.

Hence, me trying to find my spear…

Kristina Snorkellin

I finally gave up on spear fishing and drove the dinghy while others got to work catching our dinner.

Jake and Shannon have their own adventures in Look the Other Way. They each bring their own baggage to the tight quarters, and have a hard time getting along. Both seem to want to the captain when there is only room for one.

In case you get the urge to shop, you can pre-order Look The Other Way and it will be delivered to you kindle on August 1st!

Anyone else good a lobster hunting?

Thanks for reading..


2 thoughts on “Lobster Hunting, Provisioning, and Books

  1. Nothing better than catching your own lobster in the Bahamas. It tastes so much better when eaten in the cockpit while watching the sun go down. We thought about staying in the Bahamas until August when the season opens up again, but in the end we headed back this week. Seeing your lobster picture is making me regret that decision 🙂 All the best of the book release!

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