WiFi, Goats, Sailing, and Writing

One day closer…Getting nervous. But why am I talking about goats and WiFi?

In Look the Other Way, the love interests, Shannon and Jake have to get used to being out of communication with the rest of the world. Something we’re just not used to. Can they rely on each other and stay safe? Especially when a murderer is in the area.


Imagine being disconnected from the internet for a week. It not as bad as you think. It gave me a lot of time to write without being interrupted. Sometimes I was lonely and wanted to call home, but couldn’t. Sometimes major events happened in the world, and we found out a week later. But most of the time, it was wonderful.

There are places in the Bahamas where a sailor can buy access to WiFi. My favorite was the store where I could buy a goat and a WiFi card.

So which one did I buy?


I chose to go with the WiFi card. How would I explain to Mathew I’d brought a goat on board?

I’d love it if you pre-ordered Look The Other Way. It will show up on your Kindle August 1st, and you can live the adventure through reading.

Look the Other Way Createspace 6x9 252pg

Thanks for reading…


6 thoughts on “WiFi, Goats, Sailing, and Writing

  1. I understand perfectly about lack of internet and agree that lots of writing can be achieved when that happens. This year, however, we have installed satellite (expensive) and can now reach other parts of the world and family. Weighing up the blessings, I reckon having internet is higher – otherwise how would I have come across you and be writing from a little corner of Tuscany to Canada? I shall pre-order your book too! Look forward to reading it.

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