Win a $350 Author Website Critique and 1-hour Ask-Donna-Anything Consult Package!

I couldn’t help but share this wonderful opportunity for all authors who are building their online platform and looking to improve it.

Donna has helped me enormously over the last few years, and I know she can help you too!

DonnaGalantiDonna Galanti is an Author, Speaker, and Book Marketing Consultant!

Learn the strengths and weakness of your online presence and ask Donna anything face-to-face!

Receive an evaluation on your website’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as ways to improve your website based on your strategic goals for optimal online communication. Plus ask me anything about author platform, author branding, or book marketing in a 1-hour Skype call!

I’ve done a Skype call with Donna, so I know how wonderful she is to talk to. Very supportive, positive, and truly wants to help.

But how to do you find out more?

The contest runs from 9/20 – 9/27.

So head on over to Donna’s site and enter.

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Win a $350 Author Website Critique and 1-hour Ask-Donna-Anything Consult Package!

  1. Kristina, thanks so much for sharing my giveaway today! I so appreciate all of your help over the years too and especially getting an inside look into the development of your amazing new editing app, Fictionary!

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