Farley’s Friday: Are boots worth the hassle?

Farley here,

Winter has arrived, and with that my fashion has changed.

Kristina makes me wear boots. We meet in the front hall, and she puts on her coat and boots. I wait until she turns to me with the dreaded boots.

I resist the boots by stretching my toes, so it makes it hard for Kristina to get the boots on tight. I’m thinking, “Maybe I can lose the boots in the snow.”

Farley with Boots

No such luck at first.

But then we hit deep snow. First I lose one…then another…then the third.

That back one just won’t fall off. I think I’ve gotten away with this until my pads start to hurt. I flatten in the snow and try to pick the ice out of my pads with my teeth.

Kristina walks towards me. Mathew has gone in search of my boots.

I roll my big brown eyes at her and wag my tail. I hope she isn’t mad at me.

She smiles, kneels in the snow, and takes off her winter mitts. She pokes in between my pads and gets the ice out. This takes a while. Her hands turn red. She’s shaking a little, so I know she’s cold, but she keeps going.

Then she wraps her hands around my paws, one by one, and warms them up.

Mathew returns with my boots, and puts them back on. This time I’ll try to keep them on.

My humans are the  best.

Woof Woof


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