Farley’s Friday: Cat Watching

Farley here,

I have a new game. It’s called Cat Watching. You count home many cats you see in one day. Whoever sees the most wins.

Farley Cat watching

Kristina allows me one bark per cat. That’s how she knows how many I’ve seen. I’m not very good at counting, but she is. And she’s very honest when keeping score.

So far, I’m winning the game.

Woof Woof.


5 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Cat Watching

  1. So Farley, does that mean you saw 2 cats on your latest watch? Good boy!
    By the way, Zoey (she’s a pretty Goldendoodle) recently got a Goldendoodle sister. Her name is Mollie Belle. And the neat thing is, Zoey and Mollie are actually half-sisters. Their dad, Roscoe, is the poodle part of these two Goldendoodles. I’m sure you would like them both, although they are not as disciplined about barking as you are! 🙂
    Keep a good lookout, Farley!
    Michael, Zoey, and Mollie Belle

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