Farley’s Friday: Baby Gates and Guide Dogs

Farley here,

Our house is changing its look. When my humans go out, I get the run of the house. I sleep on the couch, I sleep in their bed, and sometimes I sleep by the front door pining from them to come home.

Jan is our guide dog puppy in training. But my humans don’t want her lose in the house when they’re not home. Sometimes humans are strange.

They brought home a baby gate, and Jan quickly figured out how to climb over by sticking her toes in the gaps for leverage, then pushing a back paw against the door frame, gaining traction and jumping out.

So my humans got smart – they thought. They put a bench with a high back in front of the gate.. I was lying in the next room listening for her — ’cause it’s my job to look after her– and within minutes I saw her head peek around the corner. She’s gotten over the back of the bench and was sitting on the seat wagging her tail. I’m thinking she’s smarter than my humans. We both laughed at our humans.
But the humans got even smarter. Here’s what they came up with…


Will Jan climb this one too?  Only time will tell.

Woof woof.


9 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Baby Gates and Guide Dogs

  1. It just shows that the humans are training the dog, but the dog is also learning how to learn from the human. Perhaps intelligence is a 2 way street.

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