Author’s Guide


Author's Guide

First Edition: May 28, 2016

Second Edition: May 5, 2019

Published by Fictionary Press

Imagine walking into a grocery store, gift shop or other non-bookstore and seeing YOUR book for sale.  This wonderful experience is within your grasp—if you’re bold enough to pursue it.

Selling to traditional bookstores and making a profit can be extremely difficult, but there is an alternative. In this step-by-step guide, best-selling author Kristina Stanley will show YOU how to move beyond the bookstores and sell to other retail outlets. Every step is detailed, from formulating a plan to collecting money.

Stanley speaks from experience. She’s sold more books through non-bookstore retail outlets than through traditional bookstores, and YOU can too. Read on, and turn your dream into reality. Success is within your reach.

Sell Books To Non-Bookstores
Pro-shop, Dollar Store, Gift Shop, General Store, Drug Store

Early Praise:

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.21.12 AMWant to sell your own books around town and in your region? Author Kristina Stanley tells us clearly and concisely how to convince non-bookstores to sell our books. In a chatty style with a warm, can-do approach, Kristina has done all the work for us, laying out clear dos and don’ts and providing handy checklists and useful templates, so all we have to do is follow her guidelines, tailoring them to our own situation.

From types of retail outlets to consider, how to appeal to store owners, Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 6.19.22 PMwhat to take with you, how to display your books, negotiating price and terms of sale, payment options to consider, checklists for various steps, templates for letters, invoices, and flyers, and so much more, this clear, comprehensive guide to selling your own books is a blueprint for success! ~ Jodie Renner, editor & award-winning author

Bird's Eye View“Thinking outside the box (i.e. bookstores) is a great way for authors to increase their sales. Like Kristina Stanley, I’ve had success selling my Second World War novel Bird’s Eye View in non-bookstores, but I still learned a lot from reading her step-by-step comprehensive guidebook. I especially appreciated her advice regarding checklists and spreadsheets – something every author should embrace!” ~ Elinor Florence author of Bird’s Eye View, Dundurn Press

Every author needs this book. Filled with tactics foreign to most writers, Kristina Stanley Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 6.17.47 PMdemonstrates everything you need to connect with decision makers who want to sell your book. Find sales outlets you never knew existed. Avoid competing against big budget giants and be the only book a retailer sells. And get ready to take your book’s success to new levels. ~Dan Alatorre International Bestselling Author and President’s Circle Fortune 500 Company Sales Manager

Shroud of RosesWell, I’ve been a published author for almost five years and it never occurred to me that I can sell my books in places that — wait for it — don’t usually sell books! It’s true. The Author’s Guide To Selling Books To Non-Bookstores, by Kristina Stanley, is an in-depth instructional guide on how to do this. Every step is covered, from formulating a plan to collecting money — and, everything in between.

Kristina kindly provides a sample spreadsheet and invoices to keep the author organized. I also picked up some new book-signing and marketing tips from this book, and my mind is whirling with the possibilities! The book is well-written and worth the read for authors who are interested in stepping up their marketing efforts. ~ Gloria Ferris, award-winning author of the Cornwall & Redfern Mysteries”


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