Mattina: Lagoon 380 Gets a New Trampoline

Sometimes preparing a cruising boat for the winter season is like Christmas, and this year’s present is a new trampoline.

As you know, I love the before and after photos.

So, here’s the before . . . Yuck.

Old Trampoline

And here’s the after . . . Awesome.

New Trampoline

Doesn’t Farley look happy on his new trampoline? We love to keep Mattina in mint condition, meaning  I think we should look like a Lagoon 380 S2 brochure.

Oh, and did you notice? Mattina is in the water 🙂

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Afraid of Heights: Try Repairs on a Sailboat Mast

Every sailboat needs repairs or maintenance sometime. A small event like sail tape coming loose on a spreader means a trip up the mast.


When sailing the in Bahamas, there are enough calm days to ascend the mast in safety. This weather came right before a cold front.

Safety being the key. The work has to be done, but it doesn’t have to be dangerous. A good harness and bosuns chair, two halyards, two people manning the halyards, tools tied to the belt, and up you go.

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