Facebook Launch Party: Voices from the Valleys

Let’s celebrate. Tomorrow afternoon…

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 7.33.47 AM
Short stories, bot fiction and non-fiction, and poems from BC authors.

Jodie Renner,   a sought-after freelance fiction editor and award-winning author of three craft-of-writing guides, has released Voices From the Valleys.

Now I must say I’m biased here. My story, Deirdre Hunting Season, is the first story in the anthology, so come and help us celebrate.

The party is SUNDAY, November 28th – tomorrow – from 12 to 5 PM  PST at:


As usual there will be prizes, lots of authors to chat with and of course Jodie herself with be there.

I hope to see you too.

Thanks for reading.



Farley’s Friday: Footloose and Bear Free

Farley here,

I haven’t seen a bear in weeks. Not that I don’t like bears, but Kristina won’t let me off leash when they’re in the area.

The heat wave made the beasts uncomfortable, and they’ve plodded on up the mountain to cooler terrain. At least, that’s where I think they went.

So I’m chasing frogs through the flowers without my leash.

Farley in Flowers

This is dog happiness.

Woof Woof.

Farley’s Friday: Keeping Cool

Farley Here,

If you haven’t heard, British Columbia is having a heat wave. So how do you keep cool? You wade in the river. Now, I’m only allowed in the run off portion of the Toby Creek. The main channel is flowing at full speed and could carry me away, but the water is still cold and tasty in the shallows.

Farley In Creek

And yes, I’m still on a leash. We haven’t seen a bear in a week, but my humans want another week to go by to be sure the bears have moved to a higher altitude.

After romping in the creek, I head home for  a nap – in my favourite place. I’m not actually allowed on the couch, but I snuck up when Kristina wasn’t looking.

Farley on Couch

She loves me too much to do anything about it. Lucky for me, Matt isn’t at home, so please don’t tell him.

Woof Woof.

DESCENT Coming Soon!

I have butterflies in my stomach. Years of hard work and a dream has led to this…Imajin Books has announced DESCENT’s release date: July 25, 2015.

The full cover of DESCENT designed by Ryan Doan…Ta Da!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00072]

Can this really be happening?

If you haven’t read my blog before, I’ve signed on with Imajin Books and will blog about my publishing adventure. I’ll share what I learn and hope it helps someone out there get their novel published.

Thanks for reading…

Farley’s Friday: I’m Thirsty…

Farley here,

I don’t like getting my paws wet. I’m thirsty, parched actually, but my pads should always stay dry.  So I lived on a sailboat for five years. That doesn’t mean I love water. I love being on water, preferably in a kayak or a dingy. Fish belong in water, not me.

Matt’s wearing boots, He doesn’t have to put his feet in the water. Now that I think of it, he drinks from a water bottle, he doesn’t even have to put his snout in the water.


Notice the leash. Still too many bears in the area that I might chase. My humans think they can’t trust me when a bear is around. I try to explain I need to protect them, but sometimes humans don’t understand dog language.

Woof Woof.

Farley’s Friday: Canadian Wildlife

Farley here,

Excitement in the forest. That’s an understatement. One buck and three bears.

I woke up to a misty morning, stretched my legs and headed for the back door. Staring in at me was this buck. His silky antlers are about the size of his ears but will grow. He’s a white tail and usually hangs with two others.


I’ve learned the hard way that a buck will move away if I’m in the area. A doe will stand her ground, stomp at me and warn me to head the other way. I get the shakes when I’m around a doe and am smart enough to know it’s her territory. Bears are different. I need to get them away from my humans.


Yesterday, I arrived home from my morning walk with wet paws. We  climb the steps at the side of our house, blissfully unaware of what’s  lurking in the forest. Kristina grabs my towel and squats with her back to the forest. I lift my front paw for her. We’re face-to-face. I lick her nose.

I glance over her shoulder. My body stiffens. My upper lip curls. I emit a slow growl.

Kristina tenses. Her adrenaline rush is so strong, I can feel it in my bones. She looks like Sigourney Weaver in Alien. You know the scene where Weaver realizes an alien is behind her but she doesn’t look back.

Inch-by-inch Kristina turns her head. I lunge, trying to get over Kristina’s shoulder. I need to protect her. She grabs my harness and stops me. Twenty feet away, the black bear stares at us. He doesn’t move.

Kristina slowly drags me into the house, all the while saying, “Whoa Bear.”

Matt explodes out the door with and air horn. After three blasts, the bear disappears. He takes his time, meandering through our backyard, not really caring we’re there.


The day before, this guy was waiting for us at the side of our house.  He was smaller but still not concerned we were so close to him.


The third bear I mentioned, I saw a couple of weeks ago while we were out walking. Maybe the rest of day will be calm.

Woof woof.

Farley’s Friday: One Dirty Wheaten

Farley here.

I can’t believe my good fortune. I’m running down the street, heading for a romp on the golf course, and what do I find? You won’t believe it.

The maintenance team is preparing the golf course for opening in a few weeks. Kristina says this is bad, because it means the golfers get to use the course, and we don’t. I don’t understand why I can’t chase the balls, but that’s for another story.

Today, look what I happen upon. The maintenance team put a huge pile of dirt, right on the road, demanding I jump in, dig, roll around and make myself muddy.


Now maybe you already know, but I have some genetic traits specific to my breed. I’m a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, and I’m bred to dig. I can’t help myself. My brain turns off, literally, I don’t think anything is going on in there, and my paws go wild. True happiness flows in my blood.

The trick now is to avoid a bath when I get home. Wish me luck.

Woof Woof.

Farley’s Friday: A Slip and Fall

Farley here, You all know about my winter hiking boots. Well, now that spring is here, I have a new sleek version. They are so light, my feet feel like they’re running on clouds.

Out on one of our hikes through the forest, I stop to sniff a tree – you know, because trees smell great as the snow starts to melt. From a tree behind me, a squirrel natters at me. I whip my head toward the sound and bolt in the creature’s direction … Farley slip 1 But alas, my shoes let me down. When I’m bare pawed I have grip. I forget myself for a moment and run hard. Out go my paws from under me. How embarrassing. I’m a serious kind of dog, and I like to appear regal. Farley slip 2 Instead of looking regal, I look like a snow head. Farley Slip 3 Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: The Case of The Disappearing Ball

Farley here,

Do you know where my ball went?

Kristina lobbed it over my head and across the field. What I don’t understand is why she threw the ball when I was still on leash. I don’t think she was paying attention. She tossed it. I ran. She fell when I jerked the leash.

I looked back for a second, just to check she was okay, and then kept running. I had my eye on the bright orange ball as it flew through the air. I was concentrating hard. And then . . . in an instant it disappeared.

No matter how hard I searched, I couldn’t find it.

Lost Ball

Can someone mail me another ball? By the way, Kristina wasn’t hurt during the production of this blog.

Woof Woof.

Farley’s Friday: Wheaten Winter Hiking

Farley here,

My peeps like lots of sports, but I’m a little more particular. I love nordic skiing and snow shoeing. So do they, but they also down hill ski. I can’t go with them when they downhill, something about a chair lift that I’m not allowed on. I don’t understand why. When we go winter hiking, snowshoeing or nordic skiing I have my own boots. Kristina calls them my hiking boots. I could wear them downhill skiing. I can run fast on the snow and keep up.

Farley hiking

My peeps wear all kinds of gear to go outside, so I know as soon as the helmets come out of the closet, I’m going to be left alone. First, I cry. I give my saddest whine.

Kristina ignores my cry and does up her chin strap.

I run in circles around her legs, I wiggle my tail, and go into a submissive pose.

Kristina puts on her mitts.

I run to the front window and bark.

Kristina and Matt get in the car. I’ve lost this time, but I’ll try again next time.

Just to rub it in, when they return home Kristina shows me the view they get while skiing. Pretty Pawsome, I have to admit.They are looking down at our house where I’m alone, hiding in the basement closet. Being alone can really suck.


Maybe someone could invent downhill skis for dogs. Then I could go too.

Woof Woof.