Farley’s Friday: A Dog Needs A Vacation

Farley here,

Summer is almost here, so I had to take my vacation first. I didn’t have time for Farley’s Friday because I spent the last three weeks running and playing.

Why? Because I LOVE winter.

Summer comes and along with it…

  • the snow melts
  • golfers arrive
  • bears wake up

Who wants any of that?

Without snow, I have nowhere to roll around and cool down.

When golfers are playing, I’m not allowed to run free on the fairway.

When bears are in the area, I have to be on a leash.

My last hurrah in the quickly melting snow.

Farley On Vacation.jpg

I can’t wait till winter!

Woof Woof.


Farley’s Friday: Can a dog be a lifeguard?

Farley here.

I’m at the lake this week. That’s a cottage for eastern Canadians and a cabin for western Canadians, but to a dog it’s a place on the water.

Now humans are strange. They like to run, scream and jump off the end of the dock. See my concerned look?
Farley looking concerned

How am I not supposed to be excited about this? My humans tell me not to bark as they jump in.

Well, duh. Don’t they understand they can’t breathe under the water? I need to tell them.

“Stop,” I bark.

“Don’t jump,” I bark.

“No barking,” Kristina says and then like a crazy woman, she jumps in.

Well pardon me for caring. I chase her. And look what happens.

Farley Falling in Water

I don’t like swimming. Let me stress, “I DON’T LIKE SWIMMING.”

And yet, here I am chasing my humans. Kids, adults, they’re all nuts.

The things I do for love.

Woof Woof!