Farley’s Friday: Love and Care of A Wheaten Terrier

Farley here.

Grooming day. I love it. I get an hour of my human’s undivided attention. She brushes, and snips and massages me.

She makes a mess, and every time she comments, “Before I finish grooming, there’s another mat.” Like she thinks I’m matting on purpose just to get her to brush me. Wouldn’t that be good?

Farley groomed

But why is she cutting my hair when it -15 Celsius? Because if she doesn’t look what happens.

Farely in snow

Woof Woof


Farley’s Friday: When I Was A Wheaten Puppy

Farley here.

Some things change. Some things don’t.

Kristina brushed my hair today, and I noticed it was all blond. I don’t look in a mirror very often, so I was a little surprised.

I’m pretty sure I was born brown and black, and I don’t die my hair . . . so what the heck?

10 weeks old ... and I'm so cute.
10 weeks old … and I’m so cute.

I guess my hair changed colour. But what didn’t change?

You can see by the photo below, where I’m 8 weeks old, I’m not exactly excited by a ball. Well I’m still not.

Could someone get this ball away from me?
Could someone get this ball away from me?

Sometimes my owners throw a ball for me, and I might chase it, but I will never pick it up. How humiliating. That’s for humans to do.

Do you pick up a ball for your owner?

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: How a Dog Beats The Heat

Farley here.

Cold fronts, warm fronts, what’s a dog to do?

Some days it’s just to hot to bear, and other days, I love the cool weather. The cold front passed through and we’re back to high temperatures.

The first thing that happens is my owner cuts my hairs. She’s always worried about me overheating, I just wish she’d taken classes on how to groom a Wheaten Terrier. I need to look my best when I head to the beach to meet the girls.

bahamas 2010 112

I don’t like to swim in water over my head, but there’s nothing like a cool walk in the water. So I have a little sand on my face. What’s the big deal? This shot was taken before Kristina ‘groomed’ me. I’m too embarrassed to post the after shot.

Woof woof.

Farley’s Friday – Grooming While Cruising


Farley here!

My owner, Kristina, has decided she doesn’t have time to write about me. She’s too busy writing her book. So . . . I’ve stolen her laptop and am going to write my blog. My paws are a bit clumsy, but I can do it. I know I can.

Farley Guarding Kiting Gear on a Beach in the Bahamas

How do you like my hair cut above? Too short, I think. But it’s too hot in the Bahamas for me to have long hair. Plus, I get covered in sand and get itchy. I just wish Kristina had taken lessons in clipping my hair. Once she gave me a bald spot on top of my head. Good thing I’m a dog and don’t care.

So what’s in my grooming kit?

  • Nail clippers (Kristina does this weekly so the quick recedes, and she doesn’t hurt me.)
  • Large scissors
  • Small scissors blunted at the end (for around my eyes and ears.)
  • Toothpaste and brush (Not my favourite, but if I get an infection in my mouth, Kristina can clean it.)
  • Clippers   (For my winter haircut)
  • Brush (One suited for my coat – you might be different and need a specific kind.)
  • Comb
  • Ear cleaning fluid (I hate this, but I get ear infections from too much time in salt water and this prevents them.)
  • Cotton swabs (For cleaning the inside of my ears without hurting me.)
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner (It’s embarrassing when she conditions my hair, but at least I smell nice.)
  • Towels (So I don’t have to use human towels. They get testy about that. They also get annoyed when I’m wet and jump in their bed.)

Woof Woof.