Farley’s Friday: Doggy Friendships

Farley here,

Living with a guide dog in training has certain benefits.

I have a cuddle partner. Kinta has lots of play time with me, and sometimes we get a little tired out. So what do we do?

We chill on Kristina’s cushions that she’s trying to dry out. It’s not our fault she left it in the rain and then put it on the floor.

F&K cushion

After getting kicked off the cushion, we snuggle on the rug.

F&K Rug

And when that got boring, we move to the dog bed where I like to chew on Kinta’s leg.

Kinta Farley


Some days are just fun.

Woof Woof.


Farley’s Friday: Presents!

Farley here,

The door bell rings. I run in circles knowing there’s a human on the other side of the door. I don’t really care who it is ’cause I know I’ll get attention.

I run to the door, sit, and swish my tail across the tile.

Kristina follows me to the door. She opens it.

Farley and Box

I rush forward and rub my nose in the person’s leg. She pets me.

Then…Kristina takes a package from her. It’s a present for me!

I love getting a box. It takes me an hour to rip it apart and leave it shreds on the floor.


Woof Woof.


Farley’s Friday: Puppy Days

Farley here,

Sometimes Kristina likes to look at pictures of me when I was a puppy. Check out the “stick” I’m playing with.

Kristina threw it and said, “Fetch.”

I trotted after it, lay down, and chewed it. Like I’d pick something up and bring it back to her. No matter how hard she tried, I wouldn’t return with the stick. Finally I told her, ” It’s a twig not a stick.”

She laughed. “Come on, Farley. You can do it.”

Of course I could. But would I chose to? That’s the important question.

Farley Puppy

I think I was pretty cute and wagged my tail at her. No fetching a twig for me. And just so you know, to this day, I’ve never fetched a stick.

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: When a Dog Visits

Farley here.

After a wild weekend of playing with my new girlfriend,  Jersey, I had to nap. Jersey is a 10 month old Portuguese Water Dog. And don’t you think she has the best hair ever?

Farley and Jersey- Done

If you have a visiting dog, make sure they play nice and can share. Once a a golden doodle visited me and snarled and snapped when I tried to take her bone.  After that incident, my humans supervise the first time I play with another dog’s toy. Jersey didn’t have that problem.

Being young, Jersey has trouble settling down. The humans picked up every shoe they could find and placed them on the railing. Ha, don’t they know dogs are patient? All Jersey had to do was wait for her moment, and then, and here’s where she gets a bit silly, she runs straight to the closest human and shows her prize.


This is me chasing Jersey away from the shoes. Okay, it looks likes she’s got the upper hand, but I saved her first by distracting her from the shoes.

Dogs sharing a toy.

Jersey didn’t listen very well and didn’t seem to care when the humans got all excited. She even knocked over a table. Kristina is strange  – she just laughs at it all and says she likes having other dogs around.

When another dog is visiting, especially a puppy, the house needs to be dog-proofed. No food can be left on counters, no chemicals can be left out, for sure put away your favourite shoes, and don’t forget dogs love to chew leather so any electronics with a leather cover should be out of reach too.

Don’t leave young dogs alone with children. They don’t know how to be gentle yet. Don’t let the dogs eat in the same room as another dog.  I don’t mind other dogs eating my food, but some dogs growl a me if I go near their bowl.

But really,having said all that, how could you not love a dog with hair like Jersey’s?

Woof Woof.