Farley’s Friday: A Dog Runs Downhill

Farley here,

Remember my one red dancing shoe? I still have it, but Kristina bought me a new matching set, and I tried them out yesterday while snowshoeing.

You may think snowshoeing is a slow sport, and it is for humans, but I have a trick.

What goes up must come down, right?

We arrive at the crest of the hill and I chill out while Kristina heads down the other side. I wait until she’s at the bottom and I test my new boots a full speed. Here I go..

Farley Running 1

Farley Running 2


Farley Running 3

At the bottom, my feet are going so fast, I run right around Kristina and keep going.

Now I’ll save my red dancing boot for special occasions.

Woof Woof.



Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten’s Dancing Shoes

Farley here,

I lost a boot and look what my humans made me wear. One red shoe. All the others are black. Farley with Red BookI’m calling it my dancing shoe.

I’ll make the best of it if and try impress the other dogs with my skills on the slopes and maybe they won’t notice my mismatching shoes…

Maybe I can persuade Kristina to go shopping.


Woof Woof.