Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten on Leash

Farley here,

Culture shock. That’s what I have. I spend months in the Bahamas off leash, running around, digging holes in the sand, and swimming off the beach.

We get to Florida, and I have to wear a leash. I think that’s a bit humiliating. I don’t  run away – okay sometimes I might get distracted and chase a squirrel, but I stay in sight.

This is me looking tough. I’m trying to tell Kristina with eye contact alone that I don’t need a leash.

Farley on Guard

Does she listen?


On goes the leash. I just don’t understand this leash law deal. I’m a good dog.

Woof Woof.


Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten and A Springer on an Africat

Farley here,

So Kristina left the dock in a dingy. Matt went to help a friend. So what’s A dog to do, I ask you. I’m alone on my Lagoon 380 getting bored.

I look over to the other dock, and there’s Jasper, wagging his tail, egging me on.

“Come over here,” he barks.

“I’m not allowed,” I answer.

“Why not?”

I think about that for a memento. Nothing comes to mind.

I jump off Mattina, and yeah I know Kristina told me to stay, but in my defence, I can only remember a command for few minutes. Then my brain gets distracted.

I run over to Jasper’s boat and get on board.

Then I remember I might get in trouble. Luckily there’s a cubby hole where the Africat people store life jackets and other things. I jump in, thinking it’s a great place to hide.


As you can see, busted! The human on the next boat saw me, took my photo and sent it to Kristina.

She loves me and smiled. She said, “At least you chose a boat with a dog.”

Woof Woof.

Farley’s Friday: Paddle Boarding for Dogs?

Farley Here,

Jasper and his human, Libby, go ripping by my boat on their paddle board. Jasper is one of my Friend For Life dogs. And doesn’t he look cool out there? Who knew a Springer Spaniel could be so talented.

“Wait for me,” I bark.

Jasper on Paddle Board

Now I don’t have a paddle board. I’ve got a kayak, which I love, but this board thingy looks pretty fun.

“Wait for me,” I bark again, but Jasper and Libby glide on by as if they don’t understand what I’m saying.

What kind of friends are they? Okay, still my FFL, but really, he should invite me along when he’s having fun.

Woof Woof.

Farley’s Friday: Dog Toys Can’t Be Replaced?

Farley here,

Did you know when you’re sailing the Exuma Islands there aren’t stores to buy dog toys?

Well, I found out the hard way.

I’m playing with my favourite toy, minding my own business having a good chew – and lots of squeaking by the toy, so I think it’s having fun too.

Farley Chewing Toy

Then, oh oh. The seam rips. All the stuffing comes out. I don’t know how that part happened. I seem to have blacked out. The toy is ruined.

I show Kristina and wag my tail to tell her it was an accident.

She smiles and says, ” Well that’s the last of the toys.”

“What? Last of the toys. Can’t you buy me a new one?” I bark.

She shakes her head sadly. “There are no stores here.”

I had the realization that we’re not in Canada anymore. The question is, should I chew Kristina’s flip flop instead?

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten Tethered to a Sailboat

Farley here.

You may think I look like I’m trying to hide, but what I’m trying to do is give my humans a message.

Usually if I look my cutest they give me what I want.

We’re underway and it’s windy. Twenty-five knots on the nose windy. Out comes my tether, and I know it’s about to get worse.

So here I am, not hiding, but looking cute.

Farley Tethered

Now, as I lay here with my head tucked under the step, my humans discuss the situation.

First, they decide to put a reef in the main. That helps a bit, and the boat settles down.

Then my ears perk up. I hear something good.

“We could turn around,” Kristina suggests.

“Hmmm,” Mathew responds.

Not the answer I’m looking for.

“You could spend the afternoon windsurfing,” Kristina says.

Now the grin on Mathew’s face tells me he likes the idea.

Kristina sweetens the deal. “I’ll make you lunch while you get your gear ready.”

And just like that, my humans tack, turn the sailboat north, and head to a lovely, lovely calm anchorage.

See, being cute does get a dog what he wants.

I hope all you dogs and cats out there had a good Christmas.

Woof Woof