Farley’s Friday: Beach Time For Dogs

Farley here.

Woof Woof. Wag Wag. It’s fall and that means the beaches on Vancouver Island start to open to dogs.

Yup, that means swimming! That means running off leash.

Farley on beach

And it means getting full of sand and shaking it off in the back of the car. Kristina loves that part. Maybe love is a stretch, but she takes me to the beach anyway.

I love fall!

Woof Woof


Farley’s Friday: What’s In The Seaweed

Farley here,

Have you ever seen this much seaweed? And how many dogs does it take to pick up a stick?

Farley Seaweed 2

I met two new dogs at the beach. The big one is named Butter. I have no idea who the middle dog is, but she wanted my stick. It got buried in seaweed, and  seaweed is gooey and very slippery.

I had the best angle, but Butter was quicker. She grabbed the stick, leaving the two of us to chase her. By the end of the game, we were all covered in seaweed, which sticks to your hair, by the way.

This seaweed is very confusing. Some days we go to the beach, and there is none. Other days, the sand is covered. But either way, I think I love the beach.

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: I Met A Giant

Farley here,

Check out this guy. He’s a Tibetan Mastiff, otherwise known as the giant of dogs. Okay, I made that up, but he was a seriously big dog.

Farley and the giant

I met him at the beach. The same beach I met my sister at last week. I think I’ll start calling it my lucky beach. At first, his size frightened me. I think you can tell by the look on my face. But check out how friendly he looks.


Tibetan Mastiffs are strong-willed, self-reliant dogs who attempt to take control of every situation unless you are an assertive leader who demands respect.

That doesn’t sound like me, does it?  I’m a funny, playful kind of guy. Not exactly the leader who demands respect. But I know how to respect the leader.

My new friend didn’t play much. Too big for that nonsense, but he did let me walk with him. I just had to calm down a little. I can play sophisticated too.

Who knows who I’ll meet next time I’m there?

Woof Woof.