Farley’s Friday: A Dog Runs Downhill

Farley here,

Remember my one red dancing shoe? I still have it, but Kristina bought me a new matching set, and I tried them out yesterday while snowshoeing.

You may think snowshoeing is a slow sport, and it is for humans, but I have a trick.

What goes up must come down, right?

We arrive at the crest of the hill and I chill out while Kristina heads down the other side. I wait until she’s at the bottom and I test my new boots a full speed. Here I go..

Farley Running 1

Farley Running 2


Farley Running 3

At the bottom, my feet are going so fast, I run right around Kristina and keep going.

Now I’ll save my red dancing boot for special occasions.

Woof Woof.