Farley’s Friday: Can Dogs and Ducks be Friends?

Farley here,

Spring has sprung in the mountains, so I get a lot of time to play in the pond near our house. Sometimes I have dog friends to play with. Sometimes it’s just me.

Kristina won’t splash in the pond with me – no matter how hard I try to get her to join in the fun – so I have to look elsewhere for playmates.

Today, I made a new friend.

Farley and Duck

This duck swam right over to me and said hello. I let her play in my pond. I walked along the edge of the water and kept her company while she nipped at grass along the shore.

She asked me to swim to the other side with her, but the water is over my head. And I don’t go in water over my head. I like my paws on the ground – always. She didn’t mind. I think she was just happy to have me to talk to.

Her name is Daisy. Every day I’m going back to the pond to see if she’s there.

I think she likes me!

Woof Woof.


Farley’s Friday: Are Ponds Dangerous?

Farley here,

My friend for life, Jessie, is staying across the street for a month. That means daily play dates.

What is also means is I have to “up” my game. I’m the cool mountain dude. I chase bears up trees. I face down aggressive deer. I keep squirrels off the deck.

But leaping into a pond where the water is over my head?

Farley and Jessie

I don’t think so. Emily, Jessie’s human, is trying to coax me into jumping in the pond. Just at the edge of the photo you can see a green ball floating on the water. What you can’t see is that it’s floating toward me. If I wait long enough, it will come to me, and I won’t have to get wet.

When the ball gets close enough, I’ll grab it.

Alas, that was not to be. Jessie jumps over my head into the water. She swims to the ball, grabs it in her mouth, swims back, and gives it to Emily. All I can do is wag my tail and look cute.

Why am I afraid of water that’s over my head? That’s a story for another day.

Any ideas on how I’m supposed to impress Jessie if I won’t swim?

Woof woof.