Thrilling Review of BLAZE On Writers Who Kill


An Interview with Kristina Stanley by E. B. Davis 

Instead of exchanging wedding vows in front of friends and family,

Kalin Thompson prepared her home for evacuation.

–Kristina Stanley, Blaze (Kindle loc. 35)

BLAZE CoverAfter the first six months of interviewing authors here on WWK, I realized that an interview, in and of itself, was an endorsement. So, when I agree to read and interview authors, I now do so with the condition that I like what I read unless I’m already a fan. It was a condition that I gave to Kristina Stanley because I was unfamiliar with her writing. What I found, after being hooked by the first sentence, which I’ve quoted above, was a primer on how to write a novel. I turned the page to the second chapter and realized she’d hooked me right from the start…


For the full review and interview checkout Writers Who Kill

A little about E.B. Davis who wrote the review and asked the interview questions:

 A writer and beach bum of note, E. B. Davis writes short stories and novels in the mystery and paranormal mystery genres. Ms. Davis graduated from George Washington University with a Masters Degree from the Elliot School of International Service, and continued degrading her writing skills working as a government contractor.