Cold Fronts In The Bahamas

It’s not all sunshine and warmth in the Bahamas, although you might think it is when looking at the photos I post.

cold front

The clouds roll in, the temperature drops, and we have to get out the warm clothes. Then it’s time to switch from water activities to land activities and take the dogs hiking.

We don’t go in the water, but the dogs do. On this hike, Jasper, the springer spaniel, was stung by a spotted eagle ray. Really it was his own fault, since he picked it up. The ray escaped unhurt, but Jasper needed treatment, and I think it was painful.

But back to cold fronts, the wind clocks around so it can be hard to find a protected anchorage. When the trade winds blow and the wind comes from one direction, it’s easy to drop the hook in a safe place.

When the wind is going to come from more than one directions, most annoying at night, it’s more of a challenge to hide.  Sometimes we just have to suck it up and take the wind and waves, but usually we can tuck in and be mostly protected.

On the good side, rain can come with a cold front, and it’s a free boat wash for us.

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