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Shower yourself with ebooks from Imajin Books during the Spring Showers eBook Sale April 17 – 23.

The sale includes DESCENT and BLAZE, so if you haven’t read either Stone Mountain Mystery, now is your chance.  Avalanche will be released later this spring, so why not read the first two in the series?

You’ll find an amazing selection of eBooks at Imajin Books for only  $0.99 US. If you like trilogies, and who doesn’t, these are only $1.99 US.

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Descent: When Kalin Thompson is promoted to Director of Security at Stone Mountain Resort, she soon becomes entangled in the high-profile murder investigation of an up-and-coming Olympic-caliber skier. There are more suspects with motives than there are gates on the super-G course, and danger mounts with every turn.

Blaze: Instead of exchanging vows, Kalin Thompson spends her wedding day running from a forest fire near Stone Mountain Resort, and the pregnant friend trapped with her has just gone into labor. Meanwhile, Kalin’s fiancé, Ben Timlin, hangs from the rafters of a burning building, fighting for his life. Can the situation get any hotter?

Avalanche: On a cold winter morning, the safe at Stone Mountain Resort is robbed, and Kalin Thompson’s brother, Roy, suspiciously disappears. As Director of Security, Kalin would normally lead the investigation, but when her brother becomes the prime suspect, she is ordered to stay clear.

The police and the president of the resort turn their sights on Kalin, who risks everything to covertly attempt to clear Roy’s name. As threats against her escalate, she moves closer to uncovering the guilty party. Is Kalin’s faith in her brother justified? Or will the truth destroy her?

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Murder, Revenge, Jealousy – DESCENT Free

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DescentCoverIn celebration of my upcoming release of AVALANCHE by Imajin Books, the eBook edition of DESCENT is FREE on Amazon starting today, but only for 5 days. 


When Kalin Thompson is promoted to Director of Security at Stone Mountain Resort, she soon becomes entangled in the high-profile murder investigation of an up-and-coming Olympic-caliber skier. There are more suspects with motives than there are gates on the super-G course, and danger mounts with every turn.

Kalin’s boss orders her to investigate. Her boyfriend wants her to stay safe and let the cops do their job. Torn between loyalty to friends and professional duty, Kalin must look within her isolated community to unearth the killer’s identity. 


Early Praise For Descent

“In this impressive debut, Kristina Stanley weaves a vivid, chilling tale of jealousy, secrets, and betrayal in a close-knit mountain ski village. Like its likeable young heroine, Kalin Thompson, DESCENT is both tender and tough.” – Barbara Fradkin: author of the Inspector Green Mysteries and two-time winner of the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel.

“Murder rocks the competitive ski world in Stanley’s layered tale with enough suspects to keep readers guessing until the last chilling chapter.” Brenda Chapman: Brenda Chapman: Author of the Stonechild and Rouleau Mysteries.

“From the first line, you’re strapped into a Stanley novel. Just turn the page, hang on, and enjoy the ride.” – Garry Ryan: award winning author of the Detective Lane mysteries and Blackbird trilogy.

“Descent is the first in a series of Stone Mountain mysteries. It’s an action packed story. Testosterone, stress, dangerous corners and pain lead to murder on the slopes of this remote ski resort. Kalin Thompson, head of security is ordered to investigate by her boss. A growing list of suspects leads Kalin to wonder if the dead Olympic calibre skier got what he deserved.  Descent, a mystery that keeps you riding the lift for one last read and the killer’s identity.” –Don Graves:  Canadian Mystery Reviews


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THE BIG THRILL Interviews Kristina Stanley

For an exciting start to the new year, exciting for me anyway, THE BIG THRILL magazine published an interview of me.

THE BIG THRILL is published by The International Thriller Writers. It is an honorary society of authors, both fiction and nonfiction, who write books broadly classified as “thrillers.” This would include (but isn’t limited to) such subjects as murder mystery, detective, suspense, horror, supernatural, action, espionage, true crime, war, adventure, and myriad similar subject areas.

Here’s the start….

Blaze by Kristina Stanley

BLAZE CoverKristina Stanley, former director of security at a ski resort, is the author of the Stone Mountain Mystery Series.

She loves to write about remote locations, and living in North America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean fired up her imagination, but it was after she moved to a small resort town that the transient community, consisting of people from all over the world, inspired her to write about the day-to-day drama of living in an isolated mountain resort.

In July 2015, Stanley published Descent, introducing readers to Kalin Thompson, a big-city woman who moves to Stone Mountain Resort hoping a drastic change to her life will help her recover from the death of her husband. She gets more change than she expected. Kalin arrives as the human resources manager and after only months on the job she’s thrown into the role of security director.

BLAZE is the second book in this series…

For the rest of the review head to THE BIG THRILL The online publication of international thriller writers.

For one more day only, DESCENT is on sale for 0.99 USD and BLAZE is on sale for 1.99 USD.


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The Ottawa Review of Books is dedicated to posting reviews on the best in established and emerging Canadian fiction writers. So lucky me, they reviewed DESCENT. Here’s a sneak peak of what Jim Napier had to say…

December 31, 2015

Reviewed by Jim Napier

Canadian writer Kristina Stanley has drawn on her personal experience for the latest in her Stone Mountain Mystery Series, Descent. The story follows Kalin Thompson, the head of human resources at a ski resort high in the mountains of British Columbia. Only four days earlier Tom Bennett, the director of security, had suffered a heart attack, and despite immediate medical care he died shortly afterwards. Impressed with Kalin’s handling of the situation the owner of the resort, Gavin Reed, calls her into his office and asks her to take over Bennett’s role.

Several world-class racing teams are at Stone Mountain training for upcoming competitions. A racer on one team, Steve McKenzie, ascends the hill to take a practice run. The surface is hard, making the speeds intentionally fast.  But on his way down one of his boots releases from its binding, and McKenzie crashes, his head slamming hard into the ice-packed surface…

For the rest of the review see:  The Ottawa Review of Books 

DESCENT is on sale for 0.99 USD for a short time only. BLAZE is on sale for 1.99 USD.

And don’t forget Imajin Books as all their books on sale for the holiday week.

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It’s time to celebrate again. BLAZE will be released on October 25th, 2015. I can hardly believe the time has gone by so quickly.

Facebook Launch Party-4

For the Facebook launch party, I’ve an awesome line up of authors who will be giving away a short story and books to the lucky winners.

The prizes are:

Solon Hosophos: Short Story: I Do Not Fear


Kathleen Duhamel: DEEP BLUE

Keith Edwards-English: FRAGMENTS OF THE COIL

Cathy Astolfo: LEGACY

Luke Murphy: KISS & TELL

I’d love to have you there to share in the celebration. Just click here to sign on. All you have to do win is be the first to answer a simple trivia question.

If you haven’t read DESCENT yet, Imajin Books has put it on sale until October 22nd on and for $0.99 USD.  This is their gift to readers.

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