AVALANCHE: Stone Mountain Mystery #3 In Paperback

 Avalanche Cover FinalWith only 6 days to go until AVALANCHE is released,  Imajin Books has just announced that AVALANCHE is now available in Trade Paperback  on Amazon.com.

AVALANCHE will be available soon in Trade Paperback on other amazon sites world wide.

Today begins a busy week for me. I start touring blogs tomorrow, with the wonderful Kat Flannery kicking off the tour. I’ve written a unique blog for each guest post, hoping to give everyone’s readers something special.

Next Saturday, is the big day.  It’s less than a year since DESCENT was published, nine months since BLAZE was released, and I have to pinch myself to believe it’s actually happening.

In case you prefer to read on your eReader, AVALANCHE is on sale for a limited time for $0.99 USD. 

Thank you to all of you who have supporting me in my journey to publish the first three novels in the Stone Mountain Mystery Series.





IDEAS: Where do they come from? How do you keep them?

Thank you, Melodie, for hosting me on your blog. And Melodie is…

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The Toronto Sun called Melodie Campbell Canada’s “Queen of Comedy.”  Library Digest compared her to Janet Evanovich.  No surprise, then, that Melodie Campbell got her start writing comedy.

Melodie has won ten awards for fiction, including the Derringer and the Arthur Ellis.  In 1999, she opened the Canadian Humour Conference.  She has over 200 publications including 100 comedy credits, and 40 short stories.  Her tenth novel, a mob caper entitled The Goddaughter Caper (Orca Books) will be published in 2016.

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I’m very pleased to welcome friend and colleague Kristina Stanley here, a crime writer who has been nominated for prestigious crime awards before even having a book published.  Well, that is definitely a secret to getting a publisher, folks, and now come the books.  Over to you now, Kristina!

Late one night in Unteruhldingen, Germany I was reading MOONLIGHT BECOMES YOU by Mary Higgins Clark. The opening—a woman trapped in a grave. Darkness and silence surround her, and she doesn’t know where she is. I can still see her fingers clawing at the edges of the coffin.

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If you’re interested, you can buy or download a sample of DESCENT at:  myBook.to/Descent

Travelling the Exumas, Bahamas

Sailing on the Exumas banks in fifteen knots from the east, flat water and clear skies is our favourite. Our plan had been to sail north each day and make our way to Florida within five days.

We didn’t quite stick to the plan, or as we call it, Plan No Plan.

Mattina Sailing Exumas

Highbourne Cay marina has a new restaurant that we had to try out.

HIghbourne Cay Marina

The spotted eagle ray gave us a lovely show at Cambridge Cay.

Cambridge Cay Spotted Eagle Ray

After that it was off to Rose Island, Chubb Cay, South Bimini and then – and I feel like I should play music here – Florida.

Time to work on the Mattina, go through our decommissioning checklist and put her on the hard for the summer. Boo Hoo.


Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten Terrier Sails North

Farley here.

So my humans tell me it’s getting hot in the Bahamas and it’s time to start the sail north. Sound exciting? Not really, for a dog anyway.

When we travel, Matt and Kristina sail the boat and I do a lot of sleeping. Sometimes we anchor for the night and there’s not even a beach to go to. Sometimes there isn’t even land in sight over night. They’re crazy.

My problem. I don’t sleep well when Kristina is awake at night. I sit in the cockpit waiting and waiting to go to bed, but I just can’t do it while she’s in the cockpit. She needs my constant protection. Matt, on the other hand, can stay up all my himself.

As we head to Canada, Kristina promises none of this . . .

Canada can't always be like this, can it?
Not sure about this white stuff. Me thinks it’s cold.

And lots of this . . .

I think this was in Canada.
Green stuff. Much better.

But should I believer her?

Woof Woof

Family Island Regatta Boats Arrive . . .

In George Town Bahamas. One of the joys of cruising is experiencing the local culture.

The excitement is building for a week of racing in the George Town harbour. The first boats arrived last week and more arrived today with a big entrance.

This big boy came right through the anchorage with lots of hooting and hollering.

Family Island Boats Arrive

For more information see: The National Family Island Regatta.

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Swimming with Sharks

Living the cruising lifestyle presents some exciting opportunities. It only takes a little courage to take advantage.

Compass Cay Marina in the Exuma island chain, Bahamas has a school of Nurse sharks that frequent the marina.

The sharks are used to human interaction, although the marina staff does recommend not putting your hand in a shark’s mouth – duh 🙂

My niece had the guts, I had the camera and off we went. She made me go in the water first. “Just in case,” she said. “It’s your duty as my aunt to sacrifice yourself.”

How could I argue? So I went first, nothing ate me and she came in after.

Here’s the proof we swam with sharks – okay I know they’re Nurse sharks and are harmless, but tell that to the adrenaline rushing through my body.

My brave niece and her new friends.
My brave niece and her new friends.

Cruising and Blogging

As we travel through the Exuma islands, we get a lot of this . . .

Bubble Baths at Compass Cay
Bubble Baths at Compass Cay

But not a lot of internet.

I can blog ahead of time and upload my posts — as long as I’m organized.

I can usually find a connection that’s strong enough to support an email connection, but not strong enough to post or reply to comments.

I love to get comments on my blog, and I try to respond to each one, so I have to say it can be frustrating when I receive a comment via email, know it’s on my blog and I can’t respond.

I guess like many, I’ve become accustomed to the immediacy of our lives and when I don’t have it, I feel disconnected.

Then I remember where I am and what I’m doing and laugh at myself. Life is pretty good in the Bahamas.

Thanks for reading . . .

Cruising and Keeping Fit: Beach Running

Last week I wrote about beach yoga. This week it’s beach running. Without a regular routine, or access to a gym, keeping fit on a sailboat can be a challenge.

Today, I was motivated by an amazing beach run.  I ran with three other people and covered 5 kilometers. We followed the run with sit-up, push-up and squats. There’s always a cheerleader around to push us to do more.

The photo below is of the sound side beach on Stocking Island. It’s the best beach in the Exumas to run on. I time my runs for low tide, or as near to low tide as I can get.

You can see how the crowds make it hard to find some clean sand 🙂

Kristina, a friend and Farley running for happiness.
Kristina, a friend and Farley running for happiness.

If you’re traveling down the Exuma island chain, here is the running scoop.

Highbourne Cay:

Has a long beach but it can be steep. Running at high tide is a slog, so I try to avoid it.

Norman’s Cay:

Road running here. No traffic or wildlife to worry about. You can fit in a 15 kilometer run if you want. The road is shaded if you go early enough.

Compass Cay:

Beach running here, but you need to run several times in order to get enough distance in.

Hawksbill Cay (North Anchorage):

Beach running here. You need to cross the island on a trail that required shoes. The rocks are sharp. After fifteen minutes, you’ll reach one beach. The next beach north is a long flat beach. You have to walk in water from south beach to north beach, so you might not want to go at high tide. The beach is worth the effort to get there.

Staniel Cay:

Road running here. You need to be careful of local dogs. I don’t bring my dog with me when I run here. The local pups seem to have an issue with unknown dogs but not with people.

Stocking Island:

Nuff said about the beach here. You see the photo above. There is also trail running on this island if the tide is too high, but then you have to wear shoes.

I’ve found lots of other cruisers to run with, so if you want a running partner you just have to look around the anchorage.

I’d love to hear what you do to keep fit while traveling.

Thanks for reading . . .

Mattina: The Journey is the Destination

Well sometimes. For me it depends on the journey, the destination and the end goal.

Right now we are sailing with the goal of getting to the Exuma island chain in the Bahamas. To do that we have to get across the tongue of the ocean. That’s the journey part.

When we get there, I can focus on writing. I miss writing every day, but our plans change rapidly depending on the weather, and I can’t focus. I know, you’re feeling very sorry for me 🙂 Can’t have everything.

Here is a photo of why we are trying so hard to get to the Exumas and while I don’t mind putting my writing on hold for a bit. The clear blue water is world class.

Ray swimming by Mattina
Ray swimming by Mattina

Next blog: The next time we have internet access.

Thanks for reading . . .

Snorkelling from a Cruising Catamaram

#sailing Oops. Dropped my snorkel.

The Aquarium is located in the Exuma island chain of the Bahamas and is a spectacular place to snorkel. It’s in a protected area, a land and sea park, making it a must see if you are cruising these islands.

This is a no take zone, meaning no spear fishing, lobster or conch hunting.  We had to dig into our freezer for dinner, but the snorkelling was worth it.