Farley’s Friday: Dogs and Golf

Farley here,

Happiness has descended on my village. Yup, I live in a small village.

Every spring, something bad happens. Golfers arrive and take over my park. From May to October, they hit some little ball into a hole. They don’t even chase the balls and bring it back. They just cheer if it goes into the hole. Kind of odd behaviour.

But every fall, they leave. I don’t know where they go, but now I’m free to roam and play,

Check out my terrain!

Farley on Golf Course

There are multiple places for me to dig in the sand.

There are tons of sticks in the forest for my to carry and chew.

You can’t see them, but there are also ponds for me to swim in.

And…And…there is no leash in sight.

So yes, happiness has descended on my village.

Woof Woof. Wag Wag.


How Do You Exercise Your Dog in the Heat?

I don’t know about your dog, but mine gets lazy when it’s too hot out and doesn’t want to go for a walk.

My last dog, Chica, a beautiful yellow lab, needed a lot of exercise or she was a handful. I worried about her overheating, so for us, water was the answer.

Here she is diving into a pond (and yes I photo-shopped this photo) at the magnificent Greywolf Golf Course in Panorama BC.

The pond was only a few minutes from our house, but still, I had to drag her there. She knew lying is the shade was a good answer, but once I got her to the water she could retrieve floating objects forever.

If only I could have stopped her from stealing golf balls.