Farley’s Friday: Top 5 Reasons Dogs Should Be Welcome At Work

Farley here,

When Kristina was the director of security at a ski resort, and I was just a young pup, I got to go to work with her.

Tell me I wasn’t the cutest…That’s Kristina’s foot in the black boot on the left. I don’t remember who is wearing the white shoes, but I’m sure I was nice to him/her.

Farley in Office

Here are my top 5 reasons why dogs should be welcome at work

  1. Stress relief – it’s been proven blood pressure goes down when you pet a dog
  2. Good for morale – a dog is happy to see you every time you enter the office
  3. Facilitating team work – joint care of an animal brings people together
  4. Healthy lifestyle – the lunch time walk.
  5. Workplace safety – it’s hard to be angry when the cutest dog ever is wagging its tail at you.

So why wouldn’t you want a dog at work?

I loved going to the office, hanging out, letting everyone who walked by pat my head.

Woof Woof