Farley’s Friday: A Dog Goes Shopping

Farley here,

I’m Kristina’s strongest advocate when it comes to selling her books. Because I’m so good at it, she takes me along when she visits retail outlets.

This week, my friend for life, Finnur, is staying with us ,so he got to come along, too. I had to teach him how to behave in the General Store.

Last week the General Store sold 30 copies of Kristina’s books, so we had to restock the shelves.  We entered the store and needed to talk to the person working behind the counter. What Finnur didn’t know is the person always gives me a cookie if I behave.

I told Finnur to sit and wag his tail.

He did.

I told him to put on his cutest, you-must-give-me-a-cookie face.

He did that, too. Finnur is a good listener when it comes to getting treats.

Dogs at General Store

And aren’t we the cutest? Wouldn’t you buy books from us?

Well the guy behind the counter thought so, and we sold him another box full of all three books.

Phew…A hard days work.

Woof Woof.


Farley’s Friday: Can a Wheaten Terrier Cry?

Farley here,

The answer to Can a Wheaten Terrier Cry is yes.

My friend for life, Finn, spent two and a half weeks living with me. Every night we snuggled side-by-side in our beds, reminiscing about the day. Okay, I’m sleeping and Finn is looking for something mischievous to do, but you get my point. He’s my bud. He’s an Icelandic sheepdog and very smart.

Dog BEds

Then the day comes when he has to go home. We curl up on the couch – ’cause Matt isn’t home – and I put my paw over my eyes and hide my tears. I know I’m going to miss him.

Farley Crying

Why can’t he live with us? I know he has his own humans, but mine are nice too. I think he should move in.

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: Dogs and Coyotes

Farley here,

The song of coyotes reaches my ears for this first time this winter. Their barking, howling, and yipping echoes around me. A pack is crossing the range on the other side the golf course. They’re barreling through the trees, probably chasing something.

Finn picks up on the noise, and with alert ears and nose,  checks for their scent. He’s a city dog and can’t tell the pack is far away. I don’t react much. Call me Mr. Cool.

Coyote check

Finn makes a move, as if to cross the golf course and chase the forest beasts, but Kristina tells him to stay.

He can’t take the excitement and attacks me instead.

Crazy dogs

Finn’s a goof, but I’m starting to get attached to him. Soon his humans will come and take him away. Bummer. I want him to stay and live with us.

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: Snowball fights

Farley here,

My FFL Finn has been here since Wednesday. He’s an Icelandic Sheepdog and knows all kinds of games. Dogs in Iceland must really like games.  I just found out what a snowball fight is.

Kristina throws a ball at my face. I look at her as if she’s crazy. I have no idea what she wants me to do.

Farley Curios

Kristina throws a snowball at Finn’s face. He catches it.

Finn Farley Snowball

Can you see the snowball in his mouth? I’m getting the idea of what’s expected of me.

Kristina throws a snowball in between us and look what happens!


Finn is poised and ready. He’s concentrating on the snowball. I fly into the air. I just don’t know why.

Can you guess who caught it?

Woof Woof


Farley’s Friday: Finn Takes My Bed

Farley here,

My Friend For Life (FFL) is here. Finn arrived yesterday and is staying for two weeks. He’s an Icelandic sheepdog.

Now Kristina told me when you have a guest you have to be nice to them. So… I gave Finn my bed.

Finn in Bed

But then where will I sleep?

Not to worry, I found a place.

Farley in BEd

Although I’m not sure how Kristina feels about it. She has some rule about no animals on the furniture. Well, I just said. “If I had to be nice and give up my bed, she should be nice and give up the couch.

How could she argue that one?

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten Meets an Icelandic Sheepdog

Farley  here,

I’ve got a new Friend For Life. Finn is so cool that snow doesn’t stick to his fur. I’m a little jealous. He gets to run around without shoes, and he does’t need to be dried with a towel when he gets home. I think he’s jealous of that because I get all the attention when we enter the hallway.

He does shed and I don’t, so there is that. Just sayin’.

Farley and Finn

He came for the weekend and guess what? We liked him so much, he’s coming back for a two-week holiday. Every dog needs a mountain vacation. I’m counting the days.  One more FFL – I don’t like saying BFF, too exclusive – to add to my pack.

Woof Woof.