Farley’s Friday: A Jack Russell and Her Harness

Farley here.

Do you ever laugh at your friends? When I laugh, the resulting noise sounds like a bark combined with a howl.

So here’s my Friend For Life, Cali. She says she’s a Jack Russell, but really, does she look like one?

Calie and Harness

Now why am I laughing, you ask.

Is she wearing a diaper? Nope.

Is it some kind of new dog skirt I don’t know about? Nope.

It’s her harness.

She got crazy going after a lizard, got her harness stuck on a branch, didn’t care, kept chasing the lizard.

And what ended up happening? Her harness ended up on her bum. The humans were too busy laughing to help her, so there she sat, looking silly.

I’d never do that . . .

Woof Woof.


Farley’s Friday: A Five Dog Weekend

Farley here.

How does a Wheaten Terrier cope in a small space with four other dogs?

Nomada Dogs

I’m the wheaten in the photo. The dogs with me are a lab/springer mix, and two Australian Shepherd/Poodles mixes. Callie, the Jack Russell is below. She refused to have her photo taken with us because she was too busy napping in the pillows.

Cali Sleeping

So we were on a boat but who invited the thunder storm? Smudge (Lab/Springer) and I don’t like them. The other dogs didn’t care.

Five dogs and only a couple of snapping incidents – not by me because, as you know, I’m perfect. One of the Australian Shepherd’s snapped at Smudge. Smudge, being a lab, just ignored the dog. I hid behind Kristina’s legs. I don’t like conflict. The humans all talked about how to stop aggression in dogs. The conclusion. Someone has to the be the alpha and take control. I didn’t get whether that meant a dog alpha or a human alpha. All I know is I’m not the alpha. It’s all so confusing.

We swam, we ran, we got wet, then we had to stay on the back deck until we were dry. All the human’s got to go inside and warm up. but not us. Oh, except the spoilt one. Callie gets cold, so she got to join in side and bury herself on the couch. And you thought all this time, I was the spoilt one.

Woof, woof.

Farley’s Friday: Dog Friends

Farley here.

Is it possible for a dog to have too many friends? No way.

I run free with Labs, Springer Spaniels, Jack Russels, mixed breeds, Poodles, Retrievers, and Australian Doodles. My best girlfriend is a mix of Pit Bull, German Sheppard and Coon Hound. Her name is Holly, and I go gaga every time I see her, but don’t tell Cali (Jack Russell), because she thinks she’s my girlfriend.

This is my best bud, Jasper. He’s crazy and always gets me into trouble. We were playing on the beach and look what happened to him.


I’m the smart one, and I know I have to go for a swim before getting in the dinghy, especially if I look like Jasper does.

He makes a run for the dinghy.

“No, stop!” I bark.

“Are you kidding? They’ll make me get all wet if I stop,” he barks back.

“My alpha human is going to get mad. Don’t jump,” I bark.

Too late. He’s off and leaping. Sand is spraying everywhere. Kristina and Jasper’s human are laughing. Matt is trying to head him off, but alas, Matt missed him.

Into the air he flies, his toes touch the pontoon, and he lands in the bottom of the dinghy.

He turns and looks back at me. He’s laughing. “Matt’s not looking at you. Go for it,” he barks.

I whip around Matt’s leg, bound from the beach, and I’m in too.

Now if only we knew are to start the dinghy . . .

Woof Woof.


LIfe’s Challenges

#dogs Sometimes life presents a challenge. Cali decided she should attack a dog bone that is clearly too large for her. Our lovely wheaten terrier let her take the bone. He sat patiently beside her waiting for his turn.

This little Jack Russell, with her straight ears and long fur, meets all of life’s challenges with a big attitude.