HOT NEW RELEASE: Selling Books to Non-Bookstores

In the life of an author, one of the best days is the day a new book is released. Today is that day for me. 

I’m feeling awesome and would like to thank Cheryl Kaye Tardif and Imajin Books for suggesting I write this book and for publishing it.

My trek to visit as many non-bookstores as possible led me to sell more books to non-bookstores than bookstores, so I took photos throughout the journey.

AGSBNB Photo colllage in stores

The best moment during the pre-release phase:

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.08.10 PM

Who wouldn’t want to be placed beside the “nice” shark, Robert Herjavec?

If you’d like to buy the book it’s available at:  AmazonKoboGoogle Play Also on iBooks

Thanks for reading…


One Family – Two Publishing Strategies

The big question is: to self publish or go with a traditional publisher. #writetip #writing

My brother has just published his first novel: Maxwell Huxley’s Demon. He chose the self-publishing route. His book is available both in paperback and as an e-book.

Some say this is the easy route. After watching the amount of work Mike put into this, I don’t believe that’s true. He went through the same vigorous process of editing and proofing, of finding beta readers, of taking feedback. He found YA readers to comment before he published, making sure he had feedback from his target audience.

I decided on the traditional route and have an agent. Margaret Hart at the HSW Literary Agency is representing my work. This route involves the same amount of work my brother’s chosen route.

Mike and I are watching each other and learning from both processes. What we did learn is that we both love writing, so no matter what option you chose, if you love to write, the end result is you have created a novel. While we watch, scheme, plan and wait, hoping that Mike’s book takes off and mine gets published, we continue to write. That’s what this is all about.