Farley’s Friday: Guide Dogs At The Mall

Farley here,

I’m a volunteer! Meet Kinta. She’s a guide dog in training. Kristina brought her into our home.

“Who is the dog?” I bark. I sniff her, give her a friendly shoulder bump, and then snuggle into Kristina. Sometimes, Kristina dog sits other dogs, but I know something is up. This one came with her own bed, a BIG bag of dog food, and a box of toys.

“You’re job is to teach Kinta to be calm around other dogs, behave in stores, and relax at home.”

I wag my tail. “I can do that,” I bark.

This is me showing Kinta how to relax when Kristina is in the pet aisle at Canadian Tire. This is very important if we want Kristina to buy us a new toy.

Farley & Kinta at mall

Kinta and I walk side-by-side on a leash. She’s learning her leash manners, and I’ve taught her not to pull. I cheer her on every time she gets it right.

I’m a little jealous. But here’s the deal. I get to sleep on the couch and in the bed. Kinta doesn’t. That’s my special place where I get Kristina all to myself.

Woof Woof


Farley’s Friday: Couch Dogs

Farley here,

So I am the love of Kristina’s life, right?

Well, I’m wondering why she feels the need to have other dogs stay with us.  Meet Piper.

Farley Piper


Sure, she’s cute. She’s pretty well behaved. But I don’t think she should have the same couch privileges as me. This is my couch, and Piper thinks she can sleep on it with me. Usually, I snuggle up here with Kristina, but there was no room for her.

I decided to get even, so I went to Piper’s house and visited her human.

Mike and Farley

I think I won the couch game. No room for Piper here.

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: The Dreaded Bath

Farley here,

Snow. I love to play in snow.

But snow loves to stick to my fur.

Farley covered in snow

When I get home, my choices are a warm bath or twenty minutes of Kristina grooming me to get the snow out of my fur.

I really, really, really don’t like a bath, so I choose grooming.

The best part…If I shiver a little and pretend I’m cold, Kristina will wrap me in a towel and give me a hug.

Who would ever choose a bath over that?

Woof Woof.

Farley’s Friday: Claim Your Human

Farley here.

Kristina loves dogs. That’s fine, but she should love me the most.

To get her fill of other dogs, she likes to do something she calls “Dog Sitting.”

I like it when she dogs sits other dogs and we’re outside.

Farley Flint Stick


But when a dog enters my home, I have to claim Kristina as mine.


Farley and Kristina on couch

I don’t mind sharing a stick, but I do mind sharing Kristina. No one else can go near her!

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: How to train your human.

Farley here,

Nine years ago today, I started taking care of Kristina and Mathew. They had a lot to learn.

MAtt Tina Farley

Look how cute they were that first day! I look a little shocked, but I got the hang of taking care of humans (meaning getting them to do what I want) pretty quickly.

First, make sure your human knows when to feed you. Pawing at the bowl and banging it against the wall is a great training technique. This works for the water bowl, too.

Then, make sure they put your crate or bed in their bedroom. This is easy too. Practice your best sad cry at 3 am. Don’t stop until crate/bed is moved beside your human. It only took me a year to move from the crate to their bed.

Humans don’t like it if you pee inside the house, so run to the door and prance in circles. A little woof will get their attention. If they’re not understanding you,  squat but don’t pee yet. They’ll run from wherever they are and open the door.

Most importantly, we dogs need a lot of love. To get invited onto a lap, sit at a humans feet, gently place you head on their foot, and give them your best loving eyes. Nudge their hand. Give a a little kiss – not too much because slobber is not appreciated. Before you know it, the human will pick you up and snuggle with you on their lap.

That’s the basics of training a human. Good luck!

Woof Woof



Farley’s Friday: Do Creeks Ever Get Too Cold?

Farley here,

I live 1200 meters above sea level. The water in our creeks comes from mountain lakes, but somehow they never seem cold to me.

Farley In Creek

I try to get Kristina to come swimming, and she won’t even get her toes wet in the summers. I’m giving her my best come-swim-with-me eyes, and she’s just laughing at me.

So now it’s September, and I don’t believe I’ll get her to swim with me.

I’ll go in all winter – that’s cause I’m tough!

Woof Woof.

Farley’s Friday: Dogs At The Dinner Table

Farley here,

So most of you know I don’t beg for food. Kristina thinks it’s because the humans never feed me from the dinner table.

But what’s up with Piper?

Her eyes are bugling from their sockets. She’s so surprised that not only is she sitting at the dinner table…she’s being hand fed!

Piper at Dinner

Even though she’s shocked by this human behaviour, she is willing to eat.

Someone throw me a cookie 🙂

Woof Woof

Farley’s Fridays: Are Wheaten Terriers Ever Sad?

Farley here,

Sad eyes, that’s what I have. The question is why. I’m standing in a beautiful creek. I’m off-leash.  What could be making me sad?

Farley In Creek

Kristina is telling me it’s time to get out of the creek and head home. I don’t want to. I love it in here. My tummy is cool. My paws tingle in the running water.

I put on my “best” sad eyes. They get Kristina every time. She can’t stand it if she thinks I’m unhappy, so she gives me more time to play in the water.

But to answer the question: “Are Wheaten Terriers ever sad?” Not a chance. I’ve been gifted with eyes that can look sad, but inside I’m all giggles. I know I’ll get my way, especially with a human like mine.

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: The Creeks Are Running, And So Are The Dogs

Farley here,

The snow melted, and it seems to have gone into the creeks.  The water level is almost at my tummy. Ok, that’s an exaggeration. It’s above my paws. But that’s deep enough for me.

I don’t like to go in water over my head so this is perfect.

Yesterday, I played hard with my pal, Flint.

Farley Flint

And the reward…drinks in the creek. Cold water. Sticks to chase. What could be better?

Woof Woof.