Farley’s Friday: A Wheaten and A Springer on an Africat

Farley here,

So Kristina left the dock in a dingy. Matt went to help a friend. So what’s A dog to do, I ask you. I’m alone on my Lagoon 380 getting bored.

I look over to the other dock, and there’s Jasper, wagging his tail, egging me on.

“Come over here,” he barks.

“I’m not allowed,” I answer.

“Why not?”

I think about that for a memento. Nothing comes to mind.

I jump off Mattina, and yeah I know Kristina told me to stay, but in my defence, I can only remember a command for few minutes. Then my brain gets distracted.

I run over to Jasper’s boat and get on board.

Then I remember I might get in trouble. Luckily there’s a cubby hole where the Africat people store life jackets and other things. I jump in, thinking it’s a great place to hide.


As you can see, busted! The human on the next boat saw me, took my photo and sent it to Kristina.

She loves me and smiled. She said, “At least you chose a boat with a dog.”

Woof Woof.


Farley’s Friday: Dogs Getting Sandy

Farley here.

I’m a happy dog. I found my friend Jasper. I never know when I’ll get to see him, but I’m sure happy when I find him.

We were sailing in the Exumas and ended up at Compass Cay. I went for a walk and there he was.

Dogs getting dirty

The first thing I did – – – stole his stick.

Jasper plays the tough guy, but all I have to do is growl a little, and he drops it.

He barks at me. He barks at the humans as if he expects them to help.

I play with the stick until I get bored and then I let Jasper have it for a while.

His tail wags at very high speeds, he’s never grumpy that I stole his stick, and he keeps playing with me.

What a great friend.

Woof Woof.


Farley’s Friday: Cold Front Happiness

Farley here.

I love a good cold front, but Jasper stole my stick. I want to run with it and he wants to pull at it. We both have lots of energy because it’s cold. So not cold really, but only seventy degrees instead of eighty.


“Let go!” I bark.

“No way, dude,” Jasper barks back.

I get my teeth deep in the wood and pull hard.

“Yikes,” Jasper barks. “Where’d you go?”

I run behind a tree, dart to the side and behind a another tree, but whoa . . .

There he is, waiting to take my stick again.

“No. No. No,” I bark, but he gets it and takes off.

The chase is on. Gotta love this cold weather.

Woof Woof.



Cold Fronts In The Bahamas

It’s not all sunshine and warmth in the Bahamas, although you might think it is when looking at the photos I post.

cold front

The clouds roll in, the temperature drops, and we have to get out the warm clothes. Then it’s time to switch from water activities to land activities and take the dogs hiking.

We don’t go in the water, but the dogs do. On this hike, Jasper, the springer spaniel, was stung by a spotted eagle ray. Really it was his own fault, since he picked it up. The ray escaped unhurt, but Jasper needed treatment, and I think it was painful.

But back to cold fronts, the wind clocks around so it can be hard to find a protected anchorage. When the trade winds blow and the wind comes from one direction, it’s easy to drop the hook in a safe place.

When the wind is going to come from more than one directions, most annoying at night, it’s more of a challenge to hide.  Sometimes we just have to suck it up and take the wind and waves, but usually we can tuck in and be mostly protected.

On the good side, rain can come with a cold front, and it’s a free boat wash for us.

Thanks for reading . . .


Farley’s Friday: Dog Friends

Farley here.

Is it possible for a dog to have too many friends? No way.

I run free with Labs, Springer Spaniels, Jack Russels, mixed breeds, Poodles, Retrievers, and Australian Doodles. My best girlfriend is a mix of Pit Bull, German Sheppard and Coon Hound. Her name is Holly, and I go gaga every time I see her, but don’t tell Cali (Jack Russell), because she thinks she’s my girlfriend.

This is my best bud, Jasper. He’s crazy and always gets me into trouble. We were playing on the beach and look what happened to him.


I’m the smart one, and I know I have to go for a swim before getting in the dinghy, especially if I look like Jasper does.

He makes a run for the dinghy.

“No, stop!” I bark.

“Are you kidding? They’ll make me get all wet if I stop,” he barks back.

“My alpha human is going to get mad. Don’t jump,” I bark.

Too late. He’s off and leaping. Sand is spraying everywhere. Kristina and Jasper’s human are laughing. Matt is trying to head him off, but alas, Matt missed him.

Into the air he flies, his toes touch the pontoon, and he lands in the bottom of the dinghy.

He turns and looks back at me. He’s laughing. “Matt’s not looking at you. Go for it,” he barks.

I whip around Matt’s leg, bound from the beach, and I’m in too.

Now if only we knew are to start the dinghy . . .

Woof Woof.


Dingy Dogs


Does your dog like to travel in fast moving boats? Ours does.

Farley, the wheaten terrier, likes to lean over the side. Jasper, the springer spaniel, likes to be up front. They always choose the same place and I have no idea why.

Walking the dog while living on a sailboat means getting in the dingy. When the weather is rough or it’s raining, it might not be too fun. Most of the time it’s great. Training your dog its on the boat makes life easier, but they still like the ride to shore.

Bahamas welcomes pets and the process for clearing in is easy. It’s just too much fun having a dog here.

Curious Jasper

#dogs #sailing How many ways can you entertain your dog while cruising? Jasper came spear fishing with us and used his skills to search for lobster.

The lookie bucket has a bottom made of plexiglass and gives us a great view of the sea bottom. Some of us don’t like to get in the water unless there is something interesting to look at.

The bucket is an essential tool on all cruising boats and is easy to make. Well, I think it was easy because my husband made it. We use it to check our anchor if neither of us wants to swim on it. A good night’s sleep depends on the set of the anchor!

Jasper thinks he’s being a big help, although we’re not sure what he’s actually contributing here except to make us laugh.

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