Avalanche (A Stone Mountain Mystery #3)

RELEASE DATE: June 25th, 2016

2nd Edition Coming April 2020

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Published by Imajin Books,


On a cold winter morning, the safe at Stone Mountain Resort is robbed, and Kalin Thompson’s brother, Roy, suspiciously disappears. As Director of Security, Kalin would normally lead the investigation, but when her brother becomes the prime suspect, she is ordered to stay clear.

The police and the president of the resort turn their sights on Kalin, who risks everything to covertly attempt to clear Roy’s name. As threats against her escalate, she moves closer to uncovering the guilty party. Is Kalin’s faith in her brother justified? Or will the truth destroy her?

Early Praise For Avalanche

A mountain as deadly as it is majestic; characters far too familiar with the Seven Deadly Sins and murder−Kristina Stanley’s Avalanche has it all. This fast-paced mystery is as thrilling as a heart-stopping run down the slopes. ~ Gail Bowen, author of the Joanne Kilbourn Shreve mysteries

Layer upon layer, like snow building for an avalanche, Stanley weaves a story that keeps you guessing. You can’t turn the pages fast enough. ~ Jeff Buick, author of Bloodline, Lethal Dos, African Ice, Shell Game and Delicate Chaos

Avalanche smashes and uproots relationships in Stone Mountain Resort, leaving devastation in its wake. With as many layers as winter’s snow, this whodunit will keep you turning pages and guessing to the end. ~ James M. Jackson, author of the Seamus McCree Series

Review By Author Carol Balawyder

In her third installment of The Stone Mountain Mystery Series, Kristina Stanley begins the novel with her signature nail-biting tension. She immediately plunges the reader into the middle of an avalanche and we find out very quickly that “…Roy’s headlamp burst to life, eerily illuminating his surrounding snow coffin.”

Lovely sentence.

Kristina Stanley maintains tension and suspense throughout the novel, whether it has to do with the protagonist’s decision to take an appealing job offer that might tear apart her newly married relationship with Ben, or, this being a mystery, on solving a murder.

I’ve had Avalanche on my Kindle since last June. When the weather started to turn cold and snow covered the ground I pulled up the novel. Avalanche is perfect to take on a ski holiday or to sit by a fireplace, sipping hot cocoa or tea and getting lost in the tangles of relationships.

In the category of Women’s Sleuth Mysteries, Avalanche was an Amazon Hot New Release.

I’ve now read all three of the Stone Mountain Mysteries and this is my favourite.


9 thoughts on “Avalanche (A Stone Mountain Mystery #3)

  1. I can’t wait for Avalanche. The first two books in the series were soooo good. I stayed up most of the night to finish reading Blaze. The perfect combination of mystery and romance. I hope there will be many more in this series. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GIna, That’s music to my ears. I read your comment out loud to my husband this morning over coffee and it made us both smile. You’re very kind to let me know. Any chance you would post a review on Amazon? Avalanche has just gone to the editor at Imajin Books and I await her comments. There will be 3 rounds of editing and then off to the proofreader. We are on track for a spring release. 🙂


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