Photo by Kimberley Rae Sanderson
Photo by Kimberley Rae Sanderson

Kristina Stanley is the author of the Stone Mountain Mystery Series. Her books have garnered the attention of prestigious crime writing organizations in Canada and England. Crime Writers of Canada nominated her first novel for the Unhanged Arthur award. The Crime Writers’ Association nominated her second novel for the Debut Dagger. Her first short story was published in the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.

That’s my formal bio out of the way. Now let me tell you something about myself and my writing journey . My passions are writing, sailing, skiing and dogs.

I’ve completed three novels in The Stone Mountain Mystery Series: Descent, Blaze, and Avalanche. Look the Other Way is my first stand-alone novel.

In 2008, I received a certificate from the Humber School For Writers Correspondence Course. Joan Barfoot was my mentor.

In 2010, I attended the HSW Summer Workshop. Mary Gaitskill was my workshop leader. That same summer, I became a member of the Crime Writers of Canada association.

In an effort to improve my writing, I attended the crime writing workshop hosted by Vicky Delany at the Scene of the Crime Mystery Lovers Festival  on Wolfe Island in August 2011.

The fall of 2011 gave me another mentoring opportunity. The Crime Writers of Canada mentorship program paired me with Garry Ryan. What an amazing experience to have the president of the CWC work with me on my second novel.

The learning continued in August 2013 when I attended the writer’s workshop hosted by Barbara Fradkin at The Scene of the Crime Mystery Lovers Festival on Wolfe Island, Kingston Ontario.

Happiness in 2014 arrived in the form of  nominations and an award.

In March 2015, I signed a two-book deal with Imajin Books for Descent and Blaze. As I type this, I feel very lucky and excited.

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine  published When a Friendship Fails in their May 2015 issue. In November 2015, Dierdre Hunting Season was published in Voices From The Valleys Stories and Poems About Life in BC’s Interior.

Book Publication History:

Descent: July 2015

Blaze: October 2015.

The Author’s Guide To Selling Books To Non-Bookstores: May 2016

Avalanche: June 2016

Finalist-CWC 2014 KS

I have a combined honours in computer mathematics from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Unrelated to writing? I believe any university degree teaches how to process a large amount of information quickly, decide what’s important and use it. This skill certainly comes in handy for research. After graduating, I began my career with Bell Northern Research, enabling me to live in Japan and Germany.

Kristina on cover of 2006 Panorama Mountain Village brochure and trail map.
Kristina on cover of 2006 Panorama Mountain Village brochure and trail map.

Panorama Mountain Village, B.C. was my home for five and half years, where I worked first as the human resources manager and later as the director of human resources, security and guest services. My involvement in the resort’s wildlife management program broadened my knowledge of the wilderness and the animals that live there. Bears, coyotes, moose and cougars make cameo appearances in my books. Living in Panorama helped me find the subject for my novels.  I write about Stone Mountain, a fictitious ski resort in the depths of the Purcell Mountains in British Columbia.

p.55 2010 Fall Issue of Ski Canada Magazine
p.55 2010 Fall Issue of Ski Canada Magazine

Dogs are a big part of my life and mine appear in my novels.



Sisters in Crime Stamp 2012-13


42 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kristina!
    Congratulations! We miss you but obviously leaving was a great choice. We can’t wait to read your novels. Keep us posted please.

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  2. hi kristina,

    this is elka — i just got back to saigon after a wonderful but much too short holiday on vancouver island. it’s hard to beat a canadian summer (at least when the sun is out).

    thanks for visiting my site and all the best with the HSW agency!


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  3. Hi Kristina,

    Haven’t you been busy young lady – can we find these novels in the UK yet?

    Do you need any professional help with your crime plots – we may just know someone who has 29 years experience!!!

    Hope to speak soon

    Best wishes

    Barry & Sarah

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  4. Ms. Kristina, Loved the comments. Where in the Bahamas do you spend your time? I have written two mysteries about a constable in the Out Islands. Mac


  5. Hi Kristina. I have already clicked the “follow” button for your blog. We are sisters of pen and knot. My husband and I have been cruising for three years, and our adventures have run from Maine to Crooked Island in the Bahamas. I write Christian non-fiction and have two blogs I hope you will visit. http://livingontilt.wordpress.com and http://firstmateslog.wordpress.com I plan to take some time to absorb your guidance about editing, because I am working through my author edit of the first draft of a manuscript. I found your blog when Joan Edwards posted it on her Liebster Award post. I am very glad she did. Fair Winds!


    1. Thanks for the follow. It’s nice to hear from a fellow cruiser/writer. I’ll check out your blogs too. I’m an avid reader of Joan’s blog too. Editing for me entails intense concentration, but it’s worth it if it makes the book better. Good luck with your writing and your sailing.


  6. We have been living aboard and sailing for the last four years. I would love to write a story as well but just don’t know where to start.
    I am glad I found someone that actually did it… well done to you


    1. Thanks for the kinds words. The only trick to starting is to just write. I started with a woman on a bus travelling to a ski resort. This scene never ended up in my novel, but did get me writing. The first words are the hardest. Good Luck to you.


  7. Kristina, what an amazing find! All as a result of your recent decision to follow Learning from Dogs. Dogs, writing, sailing – what resonances. Anyway, more later but for now can’t resist clicking the ‘follow’ button for you too. Thank you, Paul.


      1. Don’t get your hopes up too high! That is, in terms of articles about dogs. Frequently not mentioned but as my About page explains: “The underlying theme of Learning from Dogs is about truth, integrity, honesty and trust in every way. We use the life of dogs as a metaphor.”

        Because dogs are truthful, honest, trustworthy, loving and integrous animals!

        (Sorry, didn’t mean this reply to sound like a sales pitch! )

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  8. Nice to meet you. Kristina! It’s so interesting to read your bio, I have not read your books yet, but I definitely have to, you seem to be a very inspiring author!

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  9. If you would send me copies of your two mysteries I would be happy to review them for e-know. i do a book every week. Should you choose mail to: DFerryll White, 1631 Staple Crescent, Cranbrook V1C 6J1


  10. Kristina,
    Bill & I have often wondered whatever became of you & M. Now I know! The Internet really is amazing. Can’t wait to read your books…
    Cindy from Orion (now Duchess of Paducah)

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  11. Hi Kristina I live in Sydney Australia I purchased your first novel Descend from the panorama village shop when i was skiing there a few years ago I bought the one thinking i would read it and come back for more when we next came to Panorama to ski I wished i had bought the other two as we havnt been back because of the Pandemic and i have not been able to buy them in Australia. Can you please let me know if i can order them on line thanks hope to get back to Panorama one day maybe next year along with sunpeaks both lovely places thanks sue


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