Farley’s Friday: Wheaten Terrier Meets Dolphin

Farley Here,

“What the barking blazes is that thing swimming in front of Mattina?” I bark

Kristina and Matt come to the bow. They’re all calm, like a monster isn’t swimming so close to us.

“Go away I,” I bark. “Or else.” Or else what, I have no idea.

Do you see how close it came to our boat?

Farlley and Dolphin

I can’t believe the beast doesn’t listen to me. So you know what it does next?

It swims right underneath me. I go crazy jumping up and down barking at it.  Mr. Dolphin turns on his side and looks up at me. I think he’s smiling at me. An evil smile, mind you. I bounce, and I bark, doing my best to scare it away. I am the protector of this pack, and I take my job seriously.

Kristina and Matt hide behind me. They know they need me to take care of them. And I do. Ten long minutes later, the dolphin finally understands he’s not welcome and he swims away.

I don’t he’ll come back anytime soon. Phew. I’m glad that’s over and I can go back to napping on my trampoline.

Woof Woof.