Keeping Point Of View Consistent

I’ve always thought Point of View (POV) should remain consistent. Maybe not for a whole novel or even for a chapter, but at least within a scene.

I’m reading a mystery novel that changes the POV within a scene. It’s a novel published the traditional way through a well-known publishing company. I find the POV change within a scene distracting and think it takes away from an otherwise good story.

Are the standards changing?

Anyone else have a view on this?

Thanks for reading . . .



7 thoughts on “Keeping Point Of View Consistent

  1. From your description of the piece in question it sounds like someone is trying to write a screen play type scene that they would use in a movie script. Trying to show alternate views in one scene context sounds like it would interrupt the flow of the idea. I guess I would have to read it to really know though


  2. Is it similar to the omniscient POV? It would be off-putting if the rest/bulk of the novel is written from a single person’s POV, then some scenes bounce the POV ball amongst the characters.


  3. Too many people either don’t know basics or ignore them. Even a designer should know and understand why reading text should be a type face with serifs. So in the book about designing web sites, what is selected? (see:


      1. Generally sans serif typefaces are advertising/display faces sometimes used for headlines and often used for labels.

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