Farley’s Friday: What’s for dinner?

Farley here,

Humans are odd. They bring rodents into the house and expect me not to chase them.

I can see them hiding behind the glass door! They’re holding these things called Guinea Pigs. They squeak. They run in bursts. So tempting…


I’m a wheaten terrier, stress the terrier. I just want a little sniff of the creatures.

What harm could that do?

Woof Woof.



15 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: What’s for dinner?

  1. Dear Farley,
    I think it’s best that you get a double-helping of your favorite dog food from a bag. Eating a guinea pig could mean that you get put out of the house! You want to protect yourself!

    Woof Woof


    1. I can understand the cats being confused! But look out, I chase cats too. But only for fun. I even made friends with a cat once. She jumped on my catamaran as if if were her home. What was I to do but snuggle?


  2. That would be tough on any dog, let alone a terrier! My dog is a working breed and I don’t think she could manage unauthorized rodents. Are the Guinea Pigs just visiting or are they new residents?

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        1. I do. I’m polite. I don’t jump on people or furniture. I don’t beg. I don’t shed. Sometimes I’m a bit silly, but in a good way. I only bark when it’s needed. Oh, and I give awesome hugs. What more could a human want in a dog?

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