Farley’s Friday: Cameo Roles For Dogs

Farley here,

Guess what? I have a cameo role in Kristina’s upcoming novel, Look the Other Way. It’s not a part about me, it’s me.

In my cameo, I’m on Sand Dollar Beach in the Bahamas. And here I am for real on the same beach.

Farley on Beach

In the book, two humans (that’s fictional humans) are arguing on the beach, and I run by them.

Kristina used my name in her second novel, Blaze, but it wasn’t really me. This time is it. I think I’ll be famous, and you’ll be saying, “I new Farley when…”  Ha Ha Ha

If you’d like to pre-order Look The Other Way it’s now on Amazon. All proceeds go to my dog food, dog treats, and dog toys.

Look the Other Way Createspace 6x9 252pg

Woof Woof


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