Celebrating LOOK THE OTHER WAY with Imajin Books

Every month my publisher showcases the top selling books from Imajin Books.

August was an awesome month for Look the Other Way and Avalanche. Top Bestselling eBook, 2nd bestselling paperback, and top selling author overall. I feel like I won the lottery.

Can I just say the smile on my face is huge? I feel so lucky that Imajin Books took on Descent in 2015 and has kept me on as an author.


Imajin Books Aug 2017

Thank you, Imajin Books, for your continued belief  in me.

That’s all for today’s happy dance. Thanks for indulging my little bit of happiness.

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Avalanche Season: Saturday’s Storm has ingredients for large avalanches!

As I drove through Rogers Pass on Thursday, I was awed by the number of avalanches almost reaching the highway.

Look to the left. Look to the right. Slides of snow surrounded us.

Avalanche Canada is forecasting a dangerous time.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 10.00.10 AM.png

So why not stay home and read a book? I happen to have written one called AVALANCHE.

Featured Image -- 61366

A mountain as deadly as it is majestic; characters far too familiar with the Seven Deadly Sins and murder−Kristina Stanley’s Avalanche has it all. This fast-paced mystery is as thrilling as a heart-stopping run down the slopes. ~ Gail Bowen, author of the Joanne Kilbourn Shreve mysteries

Thanks for reading…

Happy New Year To Avalanche

It was a wonderful New Year’s gift to receive this review for AVALANCHE.



It made me feel terrific and motivated that a person out there in the world took the time to post a review after reading AVALANCHE. These are the little moments in an author’s life that should be celebrated.

So let’s celebrate and share our great reviews.

Post your latest review in the comments below with a link so I (and my readers) can check out your books too.

Happy New Year.

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AVALANCHE RELEASE DAY! A Stone Mountain Mystery #3

Imajin Books releases AVALANCHE today! 

In celebration, I’m sharing the first chapter with you. Enjoy 🙂



Avalanche Cover FinalFearless of skiing in the backcountry, Roy McCann climbed to the summit of Stone Mountain Resort and paused at the entrance to the Dragon’s Bowl. His muscles ached, and his calf cramped from the strenuous ascent. He released his boot from the binding of his touring ski and stretched his foot toward his shin, fighting the developing knot.

The first glow of morning light reflected off the run, and Roy searched the shadows for signs of another person. A two-kilometer crescent started above the tree line and ended in the forest, providing a steep powder run for only the most advanced skiers and snowboarders. The terrain also provided infinite hiding spots. So where?

The avalanche warning sign hanging from an orange safety line displayed a considerable danger rating. Logic said he should turn back. Not a chance. His need to finish what he started was stronger than logic.

He surveyed the precipice above the bowl. An overhanging mass of hardened snow extended along three quarters of the ridge, but the band of uncertainty was small. He could manage the terrain.

Prepping for a downhill run, he removed the climbing skins from the base of the skis. He ducked the line and traversed to his favorite entry point into the bowl.

The sun rose over the peaks, and his headlamp automatically switched off. Twelve hundred meters below, the chairlift operators began their morning ritual. The lifts rotated, and the rhythmic hum of machinery drifted toward him. His shift with ski patrol started at eight, so he’d better get his ass in gear. He’d done his best.

He jumped off the edge and attacked the run. Powder sprayed above his knees as he glided through each turn. A skier’s dream.

Several seconds in, the whumph of packed snow fracturing echoed across the Purcell Mountain range.


He jammed the edges of his skis against a mogul, stopped and checked the cliff directly above him. The morning sun glistened off the snow, momentarily blinding him. The rumble of a slide pummeling everything in its path reverberated through his bones.

Which way?

An ash-gray cloud of snow exploded over the cliff, blocking out the sky. Too late. Ice chunks, trees and mountain detritus surged toward him, sounding like a vat full of boiling rocks.

He pushed with his poles and took off. Crouching, he picked up speed.

The avalanche closed in. He glanced left and right, searching for an escape route, but dense forest lined both sides. He raced toward the edge of the run, aiming for shallower snow.

Wind blasted past him, and snow grabbed the back of his skis, shot putting him forward. He flung his hand toward the on button of his transceiver, but it wasn’t there. He’d been in such a hurry earlier he’d shoved the equipment into his backpack instead of putting on his harness. Dumb.

He hit the ground chest first, air expelling from his lungs. His muscles fought a losing battle for control, and he plummeted. Desperate to stay above the turbulent snow, he swam. Sunlight flashed on and off each time his face breached the surface and was dragged under again.

Snow mixed with fragments of mountain pounded him from every angle, ragdolling him end over end, snapping a bone in his right arm. A rock snagged his backpack and ripped the straps off his shoulders. A branch tore his upper lip in half.

He glimpsed a person blurred by a curtain of snow. He screamed, but the roar of the avalanche swallowed the sound.

Buried alive.

An immense pressure came from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. His left hand cupped in front of his mouth, providing a small pocket of air. His right arm burned as if it had been pulled from its socket. His boots pressed against his feet, making it impossible to wiggle his toes.

The pulse in his neck pounded. Slow your breathing.

In less than fifteen minutes the snow would solidify into an ice mask, creating a sealed cavity around his face and cutting off his clean air supply. His own breath would slowly kill him as his oxygen transformed into carbon dioxide. The deeper he breathed, the faster he would die.

The unattached half of his lip blocked one nostril. He worked his tongue, creating moisture in his mouth, tasted blood and spat. Saliva dribbled from the corner of his mouth to his ear, telling him he lay with his face toward the surface.

He scratched his fingers against the packed mass in a feeble attempt to dig himself out. To break the silence, he closed his eyes and hummed his mother’s favorite tune.

His sister flashed in front of him like images on a movie screen. He owed Kalin…a lot. Maybe he deserved this.

“It’ll be alright.” But he knew it wouldn’t. Every night demon his brain had ever conjured up, every imaginary villain who chased him because of what he’d done joined him now.

At seven thirty-two a.m., Roy’s headlamp burst to life, eerily illuminating his surrounding snow coffin.


Read more at myBook.to/Avalanche. Avalanche will be on sale for a few more days…

Instant Book Previews Via Amazon. Very Cool!

One has to wonder…Is it possible to stay on top of book marketing? Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with the amount there is to learn.

This week, I discovered, well discovered is not quite right…My publisher, Imajin Books, informed me there is a feature on Amazon where people can read a sample of my book without having to do much.

This is what you can do…

Add Instant Previews of your books to your website, blog, or app
When readers first discover your book, many of them will want to start reading it right away. By adding Instant Previews to your website, you enable your visitors to start reading a sample instantly without ever having to leave your site. No sign up, sign in, or app download required. Before Instant Previews, getting from your site to the first page of a book could take seven clicks. Now, it’s always just a single click away.
I think that blurb came right from Amazon.
So I’m trilled. Then I find out I’m late to the game. My author friends all know how to do this already. Hence I’m sharing it here in case there are others out there who don’t know about this.
If you want to test this feature out, here are the links:
If you want to see what a sample looks like, and perhaps discover what I write, then click below:
DESCENT sample
BLAZE sample
This feature is not available for AVALANCHE yet, as it releases officially tomorrow. But it will be then.
As a gift from my publisher, AVALANCHE is on sale for a limited time at $0.99 USD.

Are Endorsements Important?

Avalanche Cover FinalPublishing a book takes an incredible amount of time and energy, so an author has to choose where they spend this time and energy. I chose to research who would be a good fit to endorse AVALANCHE, to write letters requesting endorsements, to send out ARC’s of AVALANCHE, and to thank the authors.

For each of the novels in the Stone Mountain Mystery series, I’ve received incredible endorsements to be placed on the covers and on the inside of the books. Once I received the endorsements, I sent them off to my publisher.

I believe endorsements are important. They inform readers that your novels have been vetted by an authors who write in a similar genre that you do. This is assuming that you asked authors who do write in your genre. My thinking was that if I asked authors of a similar genre then their readers might like my books too.

Imajin Books shortens the endorsements that go on the cover, picking the best words that highlight the story.  Here are the shortened versions.

As thrilling as a heart-stopping run down the slopes ~ Gail Bowen, author of the Joanne Kilbourn Shreve mysteries”

“A story that keeps you guessing. You can’t turn the pages fast enoughJeff Buick, author of Bloodline, Lethal Dos, African Ice, Shell Game and Delicate Chaos”

“Avalanche smashes and uproots relationships in Stone Mountain, leaving devastation in its wake. ~ James M. Jackson, author of the Seamus McCree Series”

Here are the long versions of the endorsements that I showcased on my website, amazon author page, and that Imajin Books includes inside the book.

A mountain as deadly as it is majestic; characters far too familiar with the Seven Deadly Sins and murder−Kristina Stanley’s Avalanche has it all. This fast-paced mystery is as thrilling as a heart-stopping run down the slopes. ~ Gail Bowen, author of the Joanne Kilbourn Shreve mysteries

Layer upon layer, like snow building for an avalanche, Stanley weaves a story that keeps you guessing. You can’t turn the pages fast enough. ~ Jeff Buick, author of Bloodline, Lethal Dos, African Ice, Shell Game and Delicate Chaos

Avalanche smashes and uproots relationships in Stone Mountain Resort, leaving devastation in its wake. With as many layers as winter’s snow, this whodunit will keep you turning pages and guessing to the end. ~ James M. Jackson, author of the Seamus McCree Series

AVALANCHE is on sale for $0.99 USD for a limited time.

If you haven’t read any of this series, you can read a sample of DESCENT and BLAZE right from here.




Frozen By Fear…Heli-Skiing…An Idea

I lay face down in the snow wondering what happened…

My skis are scattered, my face is cold, but I think I’m ok. I hear ski boots clomping across the run.

“Are you alright?” Andrew Nelson, famous BC avalanche forecaster and guide asks.

“Yeah.” Mostly I’m embarrassed. I’m skiing with the director team from the resort I work at. All men. All great skiers. I get up and wipe the snow off my jacket.

Kristina Heliskiing

“You have something on your nose,” Andrew says.

I remove my glove and touch my nose. My fingers come away red. Must have been a bit of ice where my face hit the ground.

Andrew cleans my nose, applies a bandaid, and we are on our way.

The only problem. I’m a little shaky now. We come to the next ridge. I look over the edge and into a mass of trees. My legs stop working. My feet won’t move. “Andrew, can you come here a minute?”

He smiles and joins me.

“I can’t move.”

“Are you hurt?”

I shake my head. “I’m scared.”

He smiles. “No problem. Just follow me. Stare at my back. When I say turn left, you turn left. When I say turn right, you turn right. Don’t look at the trees.”

Without letting the others know what’s going on, he launches down the slope. I take one deep breath. Then another. “Suck it up, Buttercup,” I tell myself and jam my poles into the snow.

I stare at the space between Andrew’s should blades. My eyes zone in on his orange jacket, and I see nothing else. He switches his glance from downhill to back at me, each time telling me which way to turn. I obey. I crank my skis left, then right.

My adrenaline is raging. My heart is pounding, but I’m skiing around one tree after another.

We reach the bottom ,and I’m exhilarated. I did it!

“Everything good?” Andrew asks.

More than good, I think. I’ve just come up with the idea for AVALANCHE. So who’s my hero for the day? Andrew, of course. He never let on to the others that I was frightened on the mountain.

Picture 059
Andew Nelson

This was my story. Sometimes I’m asked if the character Kalin Thompson is based on me. The answer is no, but I did use some of my experiences skiing to help write the Stone Mountain Series and to create Kalin.

Years later, AVALANCHE is set to be published. It’s one sale for a short while longer at: myBook.to/Avalanche for $0.99 USD.

Thanks for reading…

Researching an AVALANCHE and Writing a Book.

Exciting, exhausting, satisfying – that’s what the week before a new release is. Yesterday, author Kat Flannery kicked of my blog tour and kindly let me write about research…

Reblogged from Kat Flannery

Avalanche Cover FinalRESEARCHING A NOVEL: Rewriting the novel gave me time to do more research into avalanches. I met with Andrew Nelson, Association of Canadian Mountain Guides Ski Guide, Avalanche Forecaster and Educator. Andrew not only spent hours showing me videos and explaining the process a ski resort goes through when an avalanche occurs, he read an early version of AVALANCHE to check for accuracy.

You’ll find his term “Ice Mask” on page two of AVALANCHE.

If I wasn’t frightened enough by talking to Andrew… Read More


AVALANCHE is on sale for a limited time. Only $0.99 USD. But not for long…

Thanks for reading.

AVALANCHE: Stone Mountain Mystery #3 In Paperback

 Avalanche Cover FinalWith only 6 days to go until AVALANCHE is released,  Imajin Books has just announced that AVALANCHE is now available in Trade Paperback  on Amazon.com.

AVALANCHE will be available soon in Trade Paperback on other amazon sites world wide.

Today begins a busy week for me. I start touring blogs tomorrow, with the wonderful Kat Flannery kicking off the tour. I’ve written a unique blog for each guest post, hoping to give everyone’s readers something special.

Next Saturday, is the big day.  It’s less than a year since DESCENT was published, nine months since BLAZE was released, and I have to pinch myself to believe it’s actually happening.

In case you prefer to read on your eReader, AVALANCHE is on sale for a limited time for $0.99 USD. 

Thank you to all of you who have supporting me in my journey to publish the first three novels in the Stone Mountain Mystery Series.