Does a routine help you write or . . .

Do you write anytime or anywhere?

I find I write best if I have a routine, but life doesn’t alway cooperate. I’m able to write during random times during the day or when I have a free half hour here or there, but what really gets me is too much external input.

I find can’t write while on a long distance drive, but I can write while on a plane. Could be because there is too much to see in the passing landscape along the highway, but really, on a plane? What’s to see.

I can write while I’m alone on a walk (digital recorder is much easier and safer than a pen while walking). But if someone is with me, it’s pretty rude to work on a novel instead of socializing with a walking partner, so no writing during social times.

I can write while we are sailing, assuming my husband is at the helm and the water is flat. Rough water = no writing.

I can write if a TV is on in another room. But I can’t write if music is on. TV – boring. Music – interesting.

I can write in very short periods of time but not if there are too many interesting things going on around me.

When do you write best? Do you get frustrated when you can’t get enough writing time?

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10 thoughts on “Does a routine help you write or . . .

  1. I usually end up doing the majority of my words when the rest of the world is asleep, late at night or early in the morning. I don’t know why that is, maybe because that is when I’m least likely to get interrupted? But I also challenge myself to find non-routine places to write, airports, planes, coffee shops, libraries, anywhere where I can sit with my headphones on and think and move my fingers on the keyboard or my pen on the page.
    Music happens to do the opposite for me than for you. If the music is playing (usually instrumentals or songs I know the words to so they fade into noise) my Muse considers himself summoned.
    And cats are great writing companions! They sit and watch and remind me to take breaks. 🙂


  2. This is my biggest challenge: settling into a routine. I write best first thing in the morning, but that’s when I like to get my exercise in. Exercise is winning.

    I agree with Kirsten that cats are great writing companions, although mine interrupt me periodically when they want to cuddle.


  3. Dear Kristina,
    I enjoy writing using my desktop computer. I write most any time of day. If I get hung-up on something, I might write until the late hours of the night. I have even written all night…not lately, but I have done that a few times.

    Celebrate you
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards


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