Reading Before E-Books

Life before E-books? Try sailing before E-books.

On our Niagara 42, Allura, we sailed from Toronto to Aruba and back. Every summer I would scour the second-hand books stores looking for a year’s worth of reading material. Trying to figure out in August what I’ll want to read in January is difficult. So many things influence what I feel like reading.

You can imagine the storage space all the books took up, not to mention the weight. Throughout our first sailing adventure, I searched for book trades if I needed to add to my library. I left books in many marinas and libraries along the way.

Enter E-books. I bought my first Kindle after one year on Mattina. Imagine the happiness my husband felt when I cleared out the cabinets and storage spaces under the bed. He thought he could have the space for storing important things like tools and spare parts. So the negotiations began, and we shared the space. I used to stuff the built-in bookshelf on my side of the bed with books, now I don’t know what to put there. My Kindle only takes up a tiny space.

With the Kindle, I have an endless supply of books at my fingertips. I thought of this today because I’m reading all of the books nominated for the Arthur Ellis writing awards for excellence in crime writing. Before an E-book, I never would have had access to these books while I was sailing. Isn’t it nice how technology makes our lives more fun.

Thanks for reading . . .


11 thoughts on “Reading Before E-Books

  1. It’s difficult to imagine what kind of technical advantages the human grandchildren will have. I have my bookj on Kindle. It’s called A Doggy Daycare Day. I know it’s not your reading type. It had to be formatted differently then the print book in order to fit the Kindle screen.


      1. OH Thank You Miss Kristina I am honored. I hope to get thesecond one in print this year. My biggest hope is to be a cartoon series


  2. Now that I travel with my trusty Kindle I can pack another pair of shoes into my carry-on. Still love to hold a book though. Glad you enjoyed my post on Noir at the Bar.


      1. As a blonde living on a boat, what do you do about hair care while you’re out there? I’m concerned about mine turning into a big dreadlock…. But will bring lots of leave in conditioner!


        1. Hee hee. This made me smile. I bring lots of haircare products with me. I use the same ones I would use on land. We have a water maker so I have no issue with lots of showers. I usually don’t get it cut until I’m State side or in Canada. Hope this helps…


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