Writing While Traveling

Can you write while being a passenger in a car?

For me the answer is sometimes.  While driving along the north shore of Lake Superior, the scenery is spectacular and just a little distracting. The road twists and turns, and i lean from side to side as my husband smoothly takes the curves. I thought I’d get a lot of writing done when it wasn’t my turn to drive, but no so.

Then I thought, when we arrive and stay in a quiet bed and breakfast, I can write there. Ha Ha. Northern Ontario has too many places to explore. We arrived at each spot, got settled and headed out the door. Again, no writing for me.

But there was time to take a goofy selfie . . .  Lake Superior is in the background.

IMG 0764

Maybe  when we hit the prairies. Straight roads, endless wheat fields, blue skies. What could be better for getting some writing done?

A girl can dream, can’t she?

Thanks for reading . . .


8 thoughts on “Writing While Traveling

  1. I’ve written while traveling–especially on airplanes! Even if I don’t get the words down though, the changing scenery has a way of stirring up my imagination.
    I love the selfie! You both look so happy. 🙂


  2. Dear Kristina,
    You’re storing up great memories and descriptions to send your writing up a few notches by your wonderful experiences. I am so happy for you. I loved the selfie! Both you and your hubby are so cute and look like you’re having a great time being together on this journey!

    Celebrate the now moment


  3. I heard there is a writing program that allows you to speak and the program writes the words. That way you could still see the great scenery and get some writing done without motion sickness too. When you stop you can look over your writing and yweak it if needed but the thoughts would be there. Since I don’t speak a language I can;t use it until the program can translate barks. I looked up a site for you with the program. It’s called Dragon. http://nuance.software.net/store/swnet/ContentTheme/pbPage.nuanceus-ms_dragon-naturally-speaking-11-home/ThemeID.16645600?utm_medium=ps&utm_source=google-2nd&utm_campaign=dragon&utm_term=dragon%20naturally%20speaking&cvokeywordid=2111&cvosrc=ps.Google-2nd.dragon%20naturally%20speaking&resid=U@npsAoydhEAAKgWcPYAAACK&rests=1407838452168


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