Farley’s Friday: Canadian Dog

Farley Here,

I’m a land dog again. No more water for a while. I’m driving across Canada from Ontario to British Columbia.

Now that’s a lot of hours in the car, but I get a long walk in the morning before we hit the road.

Several stops during the day. Like here . . .

And then, there are B&Bs that take dogs. This one is great. They even had a dog of their own that I could play with.

Rossport BB


I think I’m going to like life on land. It seems to be one adventure after another.

Woof Woof.

P.S. Northern Ontario is beautiful.


8 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Canadian Dog

  1. WOW! CAR rides all day long! Be sure to stick your head out of the window every once in a while. Get some Doggles ( dog sunglasses made just for us) so the dirt doesn’t get in your eyes. Even with the wind blowing you can keep your eyes open. Have Fun.


  2. Dear Farley,
    So glad you’re enjoying your trip across Canada by land! It’s so neat that the bed and breakfast had a pooch for you to pal around with!

    There may be new places to dig for bones!

    Have fun!


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