Farley’s Friday: Dogs Go Hiking

Farley here,

Somehow I don’t look excited here, but I am!

Farley & Finn

I’m with my pal Finn, and we spent a week hiking all over Vancouver Island. The thing to know about the island is it’s super dog friendly.

Off leash parks, hikes, beaches, etc abound. We’re even allowed in some of the outdoor restaurants.

If you’re a dog and need a vacation, tell your peeps to take you to Vancouver Island!

Woof Woof!


Farley’s Friday: It’s a beach day

Farley here,

Some of you know I spent 5 years of my life living on a sailboat.  You’d think living on a boat meant I spent most of my days on the beach. However, I had to bark at my human as he windsurfed by me. I was letting him know it was time to hit the beach.

Farley Mattina

Now I’m a land lover – but I still find time to go to the beach. My plan for the long weekend – here’s what it will look like.

Farley at beach


Someone tell Kristina she might need sunscreen, as I’m going to stay on the beach the whole day.

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: Restaurant Behavior

Farley here,

Last night I went to a pub with my peeps. We have a visitor staying with us, and I wanted to impress her.

I’m a pretty restaurant savvy dog, so I show her where the pub is and how to get to our table.

Farley at pub

But really, some dogs don’t know we should be dignified when visiting a pub where people eat dinner.

This puppy felt standing on my head was appropriate.

Farley and Pub

And she was so cute, I didn’t put up a fuss.

Woof Woof.

Farley’s Friday: Grooming With Love

Farley here,

Any of you dogs out there get a cuddle while you’re getting your haircut?

Farley haircut

When Kristina brings my grooming kit into the room, I run to her and snuggle up.  There is something about human hands taking care of me that puts me in a state of relaxation.

The warmth of Kristina’s hands, the gentleness of her touch, just brings on happiness.

She complains she never gives me an even cut when I’m sprawled around her legs, but I know she loves the cuddles as much as I do.

Besides, I’d rather have funny looking hair if it means lots of loving!

Woof Woof.

Farley’s Fridays: Two Dogs In The House?

Farley here,

I heard Kristina and Mathew talking about getting another dog. Gasp!

What are they thinking?

Kristina dog sits other dogs. But when that happens, I’m forced to claim my place. Flint is trying to hustle in on my human, but really, he should sit on the floor.

Farley Flint Tina

I know Kristina loves me the most.

Yesterday, we went for a hike. I wore my boots like a good dog. What humans don’t understand about boots is I can’t get a grip on the snow.

I slip and slide all over the place.

We hit the golf course and traverse the signature hole called “Cliff Hanger.” Why is it called Cliff Hanger?…Cause it has a cliff between the tee and the putting green. Of course, it’s covered with snow now, so we can play on it.

I romp along the edge and lose traction. I slide over the edge, roll about 10 feet, and get stopped by a bush.

Every time I try to get back up the hill, I slide back into the bush. I keep trying but just can’t make it.

I know I’ll be ok when I see Kristina’s head appear. She’s calling me, but I can’t get to her.

She crawls down the slop and works her way to me. She sinks in the snow, so her progress is slow. When she reaches me, she grabs my harness and pulls.

I still can’t get a grip, and I’m struggling too hard for her to get my boots off.

She hauls me to her high side on the cliff and rests me her hip. She won’t let go. We struggle our way sideways across the slope – there is no going up – until we reach a spot that’s not too steep. She wraps her arms around me, heaves me upward, and crawls behind me.

I slide into her, but her body stops me from going down again. She pushed me up a few inches and crawls behind me. Eventually we make it to the top.

Snow covers her pants and winter coat. There’s even snow in her hair. She lays panting beside me, and I lick her cheek. We made it!

So this is how I know she loves me. Now why would she need another dog? I don’t like to share. Please tell her she can dog sit, but no permanent visits.

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: Boot Failure

Farley here,

Can someone send me a design for new boots?

Yesterday, we went snowshoeing. As usual, Kristina tucked my paws into little booties before we left the house.

But look what happened.

MAtt and Farley SnowshoeingSnowballs everywhere. My paws are protected, but my legs and head aren’t.

You might wonder why I have so much snow on my face when I walk on my feet.

Well, I love to rub my nose in the snow.

So really I need new boots and a nose protector.

Woof Woof.

Farley’s Friday: Claim Your Human

Farley here.

Kristina loves dogs. That’s fine, but she should love me the most.

To get her fill of other dogs, she likes to do something she calls “Dog Sitting.”

I like it when she dogs sits other dogs and we’re outside.

Farley Flint Stick


But when a dog enters my home, I have to claim Kristina as mine.


Farley and Kristina on couch

I don’t mind sharing a stick, but I do mind sharing Kristina. No one else can go near her!

Woof Woof

Farley’s Friday: How to train your human.

Farley here,

Nine years ago today, I started taking care of Kristina and Mathew. They had a lot to learn.

MAtt Tina Farley

Look how cute they were that first day! I look a little shocked, but I got the hang of taking care of humans (meaning getting them to do what I want) pretty quickly.

First, make sure your human knows when to feed you. Pawing at the bowl and banging it against the wall is a great training technique. This works for the water bowl, too.

Then, make sure they put your crate or bed in their bedroom. This is easy too. Practice your best sad cry at 3 am. Don’t stop until crate/bed is moved beside your human. It only took me a year to move from the crate to their bed.

Humans don’t like it if you pee inside the house, so run to the door and prance in circles. A little woof will get their attention. If they’re not understanding you,  squat but don’t pee yet. They’ll run from wherever they are and open the door.

Most importantly, we dogs need a lot of love. To get invited onto a lap, sit at a humans feet, gently place you head on their foot, and give them your best loving eyes. Nudge their hand. Give a a little kiss – not too much because slobber is not appreciated. Before you know it, the human will pick you up and snuggle with you on their lap.

That’s the basics of training a human. Good luck!

Woof Woof



Farley’s Friday: Do Creeks Ever Get Too Cold?

Farley here,

I live 1200 meters above sea level. The water in our creeks comes from mountain lakes, but somehow they never seem cold to me.

Farley In Creek

I try to get Kristina to come swimming, and she won’t even get her toes wet in the summers. I’m giving her my best come-swim-with-me eyes, and she’s just laughing at me.

So now it’s September, and I don’t believe I’ll get her to swim with me.

I’ll go in all winter – that’s cause I’m tough!

Woof Woof.

Farley’s Friday: Dogs and Sticks

Farley here,

Playing at the pond with my pal Flint.

My human throws a stick. I’m don’t like to swim, so I wait for Flint to get the stick. I’ve a plan to get the stick…and I’m sneaky…

Farley Flint Pond

Flint has no idea I’m making him do the work. But here he comes, and I’ll get the stick without having to swim.


As it turns out, my plan didn’t work. The trickster gets the stick and takes off. I give Kristina my best stare, but she doesn’t understand she’s supposed to get the stick from Flint and hand it to me!

Farley Flint Stick 2


Woof Woof