Farley’s Fridays: Two Dogs In The House?

Farley here,

I heard Kristina and Mathew talking about getting another dog. Gasp!

What are they thinking?

Kristina dog sits other dogs. But when that happens, I’m forced to claim my place. Flint is trying to hustle in on my human, but really, he should sit on the floor.

Farley Flint Tina

I know Kristina loves me the most.

Yesterday, we went for a hike. I wore my boots like a good dog. What humans don’t understand about boots is I can’t get a grip on the snow.

I slip and slide all over the place.

We hit the golf course and traverse the signature hole called “Cliff Hanger.” Why is it called Cliff Hanger?…Cause it has a cliff between the tee and the putting green. Of course, it’s covered with snow now, so we can play on it.

I romp along the edge and lose traction. I slide over the edge, roll about 10 feet, and get stopped by a bush.

Every time I try to get back up the hill, I slide back into the bush. I keep trying but just can’t make it.

I know I’ll be ok when I see Kristina’s head appear. She’s calling me, but I can’t get to her.

She crawls down the slop and works her way to me. She sinks in the snow, so her progress is slow. When she reaches me, she grabs my harness and pulls.

I still can’t get a grip, and I’m struggling too hard for her to get my boots off.

She hauls me to her high side on the cliff and rests me her hip. She won’t let go. We struggle our way sideways across the slope – there is no going up – until we reach a spot that’s not too steep. She wraps her arms around me, heaves me upward, and crawls behind me.

I slide into her, but her body stops me from going down again. She pushed me up a few inches and crawls behind me. Eventually we make it to the top.

Snow covers her pants and winter coat. There’s even snow in her hair. She lays panting beside me, and I lick her cheek. We made it!

So this is how I know she loves me. Now why would she need another dog? I don’t like to share. Please tell her she can dog sit, but no permanent visits.

Woof Woof


11 thoughts on “Farley’s Fridays: Two Dogs In The House?

  1. Oh Farley, I am sure Kristina has so much love in her heart that there is plenty to share. And you might like having a friend to live with you all the time. (Gibbs is shaking his head. He is saying, “WHAT? Another dog…no way.”

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