Farley’s Friday: A Dog Goes To Work

Farley here,

Did you know when humans go to work, they are very distracted? I went to my human’s office, and he stared at a screen, talked to people and did some other things I didn’t understand.

I have a bed, a water bowl and random strangers pet my head and gave me dog treats. That part was great.

I was good all day, really I was, but by four o’clock it was time to go outside. I don’t think my human can tell time, or he’d know it was time.

Farley at Work

I put my head on his knee and with my eyes, I said to him, “Can you not see the sun shining? Let’s go for a walk. I’ll show you the park next door.”

And guess what, he took me outside. What a guy.

Woof Woof


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