Mattina: Lagoon 380 Gets a New Trampoline

Sometimes preparing a cruising boat for the winter season is like Christmas, and this year’s present is a new trampoline.

As you know, I love the before and after photos.

So, here’s the before . . . Yuck.

Old Trampoline

And here’s the after . . . Awesome.

New Trampoline

Doesn’t Farley look happy on his new trampoline? We love to keep Mattina in mint condition, meaning  I think we should look like a Lagoon 380 S2 brochure.

Oh, and did you notice? Mattina is in the water 🙂

Thanks for reading . . .


12 thoughts on “Mattina: Lagoon 380 Gets a New Trampoline

  1. That sure looks great! What a nice place for a dog to relax! I’m sure they only changed it so Farley could have a comfy place to relax. With the motion of the ocean it’s like a permanent car ride.


  2. Are you sure Farley doesn’t need a live-in dog wrangler, so you can get in more writing time? I am both cheap and available!


    1. I’ll ask Farley. He’s pretty used to being top dog around here and might get jealous. Does cheap and available mean you could write my novel and I could go running with Farley, or you’d go running and I’d write?


  3. Hi Kristina, is your trampoline still as good? We are also looking for a new one.where did you buy it? The lagoon ones are very expensive… (offer 2600 euro in Turkey)… than u s for your info, Maarten.


    1. Hi Maarten, we are no longer on the boat and I have’t seen the trampoline so I can’t attest to the long term quality. We bought it online, but I can’t remember where. Sorry I can’t help.


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