Farley’s Friday: An Easter That Keeps On Giving

Farley here,

Woof Woof.

I woke up Easter morning, barked at my humans to get up and waited, anxiously wagging my tail. I couldn’t wait to get an Easter bunny.

I wagged, wiggled and waited . . . nothing. I thought everyone got an Easter Bunny. Guess I was wrong.

I lay on the floor, rested my jaw on my legs and watched Kristina. Maybe she was going to surprise me. She picked up my leash, and I knew – no Easter bunny for me.

Off we went. Every day some of the snow goes away. I don’t know where, but I miss it. I head for the golf course, running fast. I hit the fairway. No snow! This was very confusing. I ran in circles, rolled in the grass, but still no snow. Anyone now how to make snow?

Something caught my eye. I am a dog, you know, and get easily distracted. I ran for the trees and skidded to a stop. Siting at the base of a lodge-pole pine tree, I found an Easter bunny.

IMG 2131

I think Kristina hid it there for me. I heard the kids in the neighbourhood saying they had to search for their bunnies, so I had to search for mine too.

My bunny lives on the golf course. Every day I visit her, play for a while, and then leave her until next time. She likes to stay outside overnight.

Woof Woof.


2 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: An Easter That Keeps On Giving

  1. I must confess I sometimes tear small holes in my stuffed toy and give them a sort of liposuction by removing a small bit of stuffing. My dog brother and sisters will sometime gut theirs completely. It must have to do with the terrier side of us. I know my pug side would never do such a thing


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