Farley’s Friday: Dogs in Restaurants

Farley here.

I really like Florida. It so warm that most restaurants have outdoor patios AND they let me join the party. It’s all so civilized. Finally a place that understands I belong with my humans all the time.

I mind my manners. I don’t beg. I don’t pester other diners. And I don’t play with other dogs that happen to be there. Kristina always orders a bowl of ice cubes for me, which keeps me entertained as I try not to let them slide out from under the table.

I do my best to look refined and dignified and so far, I haven’t been kicked out of anywhere.

The best is I hint to Kristina that she should order something with good leftovers for me. I don’t get to eat it until we get back to the boat and it’s in my bowl, but that’s okay with me.

Did I mention, “I love Florida.”

Woof Woof.

Thanks for reading . . .


10 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Dogs in Restaurants

  1. I know a guy that takes his pooch dining with him, but he has to have a Service Dog badge to get Rufus in. (we live in Florida, too). Does Farley have to show any sort of id to get in? Do you only take him to dog friendly restaurants?


    1. Farley has no papers. I usually google dog friendly restaurants whenever we hit a new city. If we happen to be walking by and outdoor patio I ask he if can come in. Most places take one look at him and say yes.

      St Augustine has places where we can take him inside. In Cocoa we took him into a bar that had no outdoor patio. It was dark adn loud, but he did fine.

      There aren’t many places where he can actually go inside, but Florida seems to have a great attitude towards dogs.


  2. My humans loved Florida when they visited too… I want to go next time, but apparently flying a feline over for only two weeks wasn’t possible last time! pffftt! When we take the boat one day they will have to take me though since I’m the boss! Hope you enjoyed your leftovers Farley!


  3. Aww, Farley that’s a cute picture of you!
    Aren’t you glad Kristina taught you such good manners? If all dogs were as well-behaved as you are, I’ll bet more restaurants would welcome pets of all stripes!
    Florida sounds wonderful, especially now that winter is on its way …


    1. That’s my goal. I’m trying to represent the canine race, so I must make everyone like having me around. It’s a lot of responsibility and sometimes a guy just needs a nap afterward, but it’s worth it. Woof Woof.


  4. I enjoy going to breakfast with my human when the weather is nice. We are only allowed on the patio areas. I am also a therapy dog but not a service dog so I still can only be on the patio. I understand that France is a civilized country and allows their dogs and humans to dine indoors together. I hope to get there someday.


  5. Dear Farley,
    You are one lucky dog! Florida, boating, and restaurants with leftovers you can eat when you get back on the boat. And having a sweet owner who teaches you good manners!
    Enjoy your day!
    Dear Kristina,
    You and Farley have a lot of fun together. Awesome!

    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards


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