Farley’s Friday: Wheaten Terrier Catches His Humans

Farley here.

Dogs can learn. This I know for a fact. Last week my humans escaped, and I was left with temporary humans for the week. Although I had fun, I missed my peeps.

What did I learn?

Suspicious activity: Kristina puts clothes in something she calls a suitcase.

“Are you leaving me again?” I bark.

“Don’t worry, you’re coming with us,” she says.

Should I believe her?

Next suspicious activity: Matt carries the suitcase toward the van.

Huh? Last time that happened, away they went for the week.

“Open the door, “ I bark.

Matt opens the side door, puts the suitcase inside, and goes back into the house for another bag.

Silly man. I grab the opportunity and jump into the van. I look left, I look right and I assess the situation. They can easily pull me out of here. Now, remember I’m getting smarter and learning.

I jump into the front seat. The door is closed,, so there’s no way they can get me out.

Farley in Van

“Ha, ha,” I bark. “You have to take me now.” I’m not as confident as I sound, so I wiggle and look as cute as I can.

So did I get to go on the trip? I did, I did, I did 🙂

Woof Woof.


8 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Wheaten Terrier Catches His Humans

  1. Dear Kristina,
    I am glad you took Farley with you. I know he was excited.

    Dear Farley,
    it must have been the cute way you looked at your humans.


    1. Kirsten, you’re so nice to me. I love hearing that I’m cute. 🙂 p.s. Kristina read a book the other day where one of the character’s name was Kristen and it took her half the book to realize she was reading Kirsten in her mind. I think she’s spending too much time reading your blog when she should be paying attention to me. Woof Woof.


      1. In college I had a roommate named Kristen! We had a lot of fun with that. 😉
        I’m glad people are starting to get my name right. 🙂 I pondered long and hard whether I should write under it, but in the end decided the world would have to learn to spell my name correctly if they want to find me. We’ll see how that goes.
        Anyway, Farley, my blog doesn’t post that often, so I think you’ll have plenty of time with Kristina. 🙂


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