Farley’s Friday: Gonna get that squirrel – Not

Farley here,

And Max too. Max is my neighbour, and on a good day, Kristina brings him along for a walk. Notice – no leashes – the bears must be hibernating. Or Kristina is getting braver – ha ha.

“Farley,” Max barks. “Come here. I’ve got a squirrel.”

“Where’d he go?” I bark.

Farley Max 1

Max points at the tree with his nose. “He was here a second ago.”

I scramble close. “I can smell him. He’s not far.”

Max whips around the tree, but the squirrel isn’t on the other side. “Up! Go up.”

“Jump higher.” I’m a short fluff ball. Max is sleek and athletic, so maybe he can reach the chattering rodent.

Farley Max 2

“What if we catch him?”

“I don’t know,” Max barks. “I’ve never caught one.”

Anyone know what to do with a squirrel if you catch one? I think we need instructions.

Woof Woof


10 thoughts on “Farley’s Friday: Gonna get that squirrel – Not

  1. If you catch him that will scare him. He may then stay on his part of your yard. Be sure not to hold him too tight with your teeth or you will squish him

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